A lot of goodies are in store for those of you attending Anime Expo this year. Not only will JrockRevolution.com be there, but we’re bringing some friends along to help make this a panel to remember!

Our very own Site Founder, Jonathan Platt, will be on scene to give you the skinny on some of the great things JRR.com is rolling out this year. Want more information on Anime Corner and Bento Beatbox TV as well as a hint of things to come? Be among the first to know what we’re doing for the fans and the artists in 2009!

Remember that little show that premiered on Anime Network in the #6 slot for April? That show was Bento Beatbox TV by JrockRevolution.com and presented by Anime Network. Our first show pulled in over 60,000 views and people are still watching it! Our next show airs on July 15th. What sneak peeks might you get from the new show? You have to be there to find out! While you’re at it, meet the intriguing and charismatic Xion, host of the show.

Need a little more?

Perhaps you’re aware of the super band VAMPS who are getting ready to take over a slew of venues in the States with their VAMPS LIVE 2009 U.S.A. tour! Ai Aota of Neu Bauhaus (and co-producer of our Bento Beatbox TV) is overseeing the tour and she’ll be on hand to dish up the goods on Hyde and K.A.Z’s project and tour. Don’t forget to check out JrockRevolution.com’s tour page with dates, locations and information on how to buy tickets.

Oh, but we’re not done just yet.

CURE artists Satsuki and auncia will already be at Anime Expo at the CURE booth in the dealer’s area. A mini live is scheduled for Saturday evening and before you see the show, check them out at the booth and at the panel! Have a question for the artists? Have it ready to be heard at the panel (time and content permitting). Satsuki and auncia appear courtesy of our friends at CURE and we’re so happy they’ll be joining us!

What else might the JrockRevolution.com panel hold? You’ll won’t know unless you’re there to see it!

Other than the date and time, which are listed below, have we left anything out?! Of course you must keep an eye on JrockRevolution.com for any more developments! Check out the links here, and then head over and join our Official Street Team. Join the revolution!

JrockRevolution.com at Anime Expo 2009
Thursday, July 2nd at 5pm! Be there!

Written by: Ali W.
Edited by: Kia