Tokyo, JP June 16, 2009- HearJapan (, the largest worldwide store for Japanese music has been busy increasing it’s visual kei catalog. In May, HearJapan signed with DEATHGAZE, DOLLY, GHOST, Otokage, Angelique, etc. June offers more surprises bringing the total number of Visual Kei artists on the site to over 40.

HearJapan started out the month with the release of D=Out’s newest single, Hanasaka Beauty. Hanasaka means ‘flowers blooming’ in English and is a metaphor for a new beginning. D=Out play a great mix of visual kei infused with traditional Japanese music.

The next week brought in the solo work of HIZAKI (currently in Versailles). HIZAKI’s label kapparecords rereleased his older work due to lack of availability. HearJapan was there to bring fans worldwide his metal brand of VK. Not only were his two solo mini albums released, but also his work with Schwardix Marvally. Kapparecords also released other bands in their catalog including Jill’s Project and Galactica Phantom.

Tomorrow brings a very special release for visual kei fans, the new album of DER ZIBET. DER ZIBET are considered one of the founding groups of vsual kei. Having started back in 1984. While they came before the early boom of visual kei in the 90s, the band is intricately linked with the likes of X Japan and BUCK TICK. Their new album PRIMITIVE, is their newest release in over 13 years and symbolizes the return of the classic visual kei that has mostly been forgotten. See where it all began with PRIMITIVE.

In a slightly related release, Japan’s furious hardcore band, Suns Owl are also releasing their new album tomorrow. The drummer GO played with Kuroyume for their reunion and the guitarist SAB played with FUTURISTIC WAGDUG UNITY before recording Over Drive. It is said that these two experiences influenced the band to create a new brand of hardcore music.

Stay tuned for more and more visual kei on HearJapan.


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D=Out – Hanasaka Beauty
HIZAKI at HearJapan
Jill’s Project at HearJapan
Galactica Phantom
DER ZIBET – Primitive
Suns Owl – Over Drive