From Cure Media USA:

On Feb 12th, at 9:20am the band Gakido were on the highway driving to a live event when unfortunately the tire blew out on them causing the vehicle to lose control.  Piyo was thrown from the vehicle which resulted in major head injury and instant death. was very fast and awesome to keep updates and translations of the members blogs.  You can view them by visiting

It really is a shocker when we just talked to the band just a couple of weeks ago about possibly coming to the U.S. for a live event.  All the members were extremely nice and optimistic about life and their band.  They joined our Cure Media Club in hopes of sharing their music across the world.  I personally was very excited and impressed with their music.  We will be posting a video letter up that we received from the band a little over a week ago for fans to view. 

Remember, life is short, don’t take it for granted.  Piyo was a very talented member of Gakido, and this tragedy is a reminder to just enjoy life and embrace the people around you.  We’ll be crank’n Gakido much more so you can hear the talent of this awesome band.

From all of us at Cure Media USA our hearts and prayers go to the members and family of Gakido.  God Bless.

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Editor’s Note: CURE Media USA released a video letter from Gakido recorded last week. Please check it out in their Feature section on their main site linked above.