GangLioN has become one of the leaders in the All Girls Rock Movement in Japan. These girls are one of the only all female bands that grab the attention of many female fans as well as male. Much in thanks to the vocalist Oni, who is a very popular fashion model in young woman’s magazine such as KERA. Because of her success as a model and with her band GangLioN, the fashion brand Alice and The Pirates have sponsored their stage outfits, as well as the legendary guitar company Gibson sponsoring their lead guitarist Sagara.

Their sound is very much Pop Rock where influences have been taken all the way from Nine Inch Nails to the JPOP sensation Hamasaki Ayumi. They recently released their latest mini album “INFINITY”, that will be available at Oni-Con. Check the Oni Con Website for autograph and Q&A schedules. Also, look for the Babel Entertainment booth for official merchandise from GangLioN!

GangLioN is:

Oni – Vocals
Sagara – Guitar
Ebi – Bass
ViVi – Drums

Distance –
Rising “Preview” –

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