Japan Nite Showcase Set To Celebrate 20 Years At SXSW2015
~ Thank you SXSW, Austin and everyone who had been support us ~
This year marks the 20th anniversary of Japan Nite, an annual showcase bringing artists from all corners of Japan to Austin. It has been a SXSW fixture since 1996, and has featured big-name Japanese acts such as Go!Go!7188, The Pillows and Chatmonchy along with dozens of artists hailing from across many genres.
Following the 20th anniversary show @ SXSW Japan Nite will set out on a tour of the United States, featuring TsuShiMaMiRe, QUORUM and The fin. on every date of eight-city tour, starting in Chicago on March 22. Japanese rock outfits Zarigani$ and BO-PEEP will join for the first four dates, while Samurai Dynamites tag along for the first trio of shows. Wonky Saitama group mothercoat will offer support at the March 27 show in Denver. Check the Japan Nite site for more info.
SXSW Japan Nite Happy 20th Anniversary! 
3/20 ( fri) Austin @SXSW Music Festival
with : moumoon TsuShiMaMire  QUORUM  The fin. Pirates Canoe
          Samurai Dynamites  Mahoshojo-ni-naritai
Japan Nite US tour 2015
3/22 (sun) Chicago @ Double Door
with :TsuShiMaMire   QUORUM   The fin.  Zarigani$  BO-PEEP   Samurai Dynamites
3/23(mon) Columbus @ Ruby Tuesday
with :TsuShiMaMire   QUORUM   The fin.  Zarigani$  BO-PEEP   Samurai Dynamites
3/24 (tue) NY @Knitting Factory
with :TsuShiMaMire   QUORUM   The fin.  Zarigani$  BO-PEEP   Samurai Dynamites
3/26 (thu) Athens   @Slingshot Festival
with :TsuShiMaMire   QUORUM   The fin.  Zarigani$  BO-PEEP
3/27(fri) Denver @ Hi-Dive  
with :TsuShiMaMire  QUORUM   The fin.  mothercoat
3/28 (mon) LA @ Bootleg HiFi
with :TsuShiMaMire  QUORUM   The fin.
3/29(sun) San Diego  @ The Casbah
with :TsuShiMaMire & QUORUM & The fin.
3/30(mon) SF @ Independent
with :TsuShiMaMire  QUORM  The fin.