After closing their show on August 7, Aiji and Maya of LM.C were able to have a short sit-down with JRockRevolution and answer a few questions. Enjoy!

JRR: Tonight was a Strong Side concert, and tomorrow is a Pop Side concert. How has the light and dark side of LM.C changed over the years?

Maya: Up to now, I can’t think of any hardships. As a result, everything has turned out well. In my case, there was a small thing because I didn’t know how to become a vocalist, but this wasn’t a hardship because I had a positive image ahead of us.

Aiji: It was sometimes difficult to catch up with by when and what we would be doing. But it wasn’t a hardship, we just kept trying and making errors. The good thing is having “now”. Now, being LM.C, we feel energy from our fans and are the most excited. We are very happy to be as we are now.

JRR: What was the inspiration for your new tour?

Maya: Since it’s our first time dividing into Strong and Pop, there are many things we weren’t sure how it would go. But after we finished half of our tour, it turned out that we are still LM.C no matter what. We changed the songs, and visual images, but we didn’t feel we are going away from the image of LM.C. While doing our tour, we are still feeling a history of LM.C.

Aiji: We always tell our fans that the newest LM.C is the best LM.C. We try to make both Strong and Pop awesome, and being able to share these moments with fans are great. I feel that this will lead to creating a new future, and I feel happy doing this.

JRR: Your last album was released last year along with a best hits album; have you begun planning or working on a new album?

Aiji: We always keep composing new songs, a new album is coming soon.

JRR: Regarding the best hits album, what are your favourite songs from that album? How about of all time?

Aiji: I like every song, though…

Maya: I like the new song, which is “激FANFARE” We just began this song with this tour, and it’s still growing. I would choose this song for now.

Aiji: I can’t choose. Some artists feel embarrassed of their old songs but we don’t. We love every song we have recorded. The fans response at the live always remains embedded in memory with the song. For this reason, I have to choose “PUNKY♥HEART”. The happy faces of fans stick with this song in my memory, which makes me like this song.

Maya: LET ME’ CRAZY, it’s the song we played last today. I always choose this song when I get asked this. It’s a song that we were trying to make when we started LM.C, which has various elements. We couldn’t make this at the beginning, so our past selves would be jealous of us today. That’s why I still like it, and that we could play it last today.

JRR: What were some of the elements you wanted to bring across the most with the new album?

Aiji: In terms of sound, we were trying for “electro”. We used to have songs that everyone can sing along and jump to, and now we are trying to have elements that people can dance with. We are aiming for an album that everyone can sing, and dance to.

JRR: You have merchandise for Strong and Pop. Do you have a favourite piece for each side?

Aiji: These rabbits, which can sit down, are our regular goods. The sizes are different, but miniature of what we always wear. I highly recommend these.

Maya: We use different goods, not only these rabbits, but also various goods and pictures. I recommend everything.

JRR: Can you give us a message for your fans?

Aiji: We are doing our tour in Japan but I know that fans are waiting for us overseas via Twitter. We will try our best to do a world tour again.

Maya: This October, LM.C will have our 7th anniversary, and a memorial live in Shibuya, Tokyo. Today, I found foreign fans again. I think it’s more difficult for them to come to our lives in Japan than in their own country. I’m so happy to see them who go through so many processes to come to Japan, they make me so excited. I hope that they can come more, even though it might be difficult. I do recommend the live in October. The atmosphere, the set, flashy live are things we can’t recreate abroad. Please come to our live in October, it’s our 7th anniversary.

Interview by: Jennifer Miller
Special thanks to Pony Canyon and LM.C for sharing their time with us.

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