SEKIMA II will be reuniting in 2010 and will be taking over the world for the first time in 18 years.

Sekima II disbanded after completing their "World Takeover" on December 31, 1999 just as they had promised when they made their debut in 1985. Now the rock band will reunite in 2010 on their 25th anniversary and will be performing international shows.

"Sekima II Demonstration Short Anime" was a collaborative project between the band and director Koubun Shizuno, who is highly proclaimed in the western world, and gained popularity in 2008 through international websites. This sped up the talks of Sekimatsu making a world debut. The band members got together to secretly record an album, and an all English re-recording of a greatest hits album "AKUMA NATIVITY : SONGS OF THE SWORD" feat. 17 songs was released in 21 countries outside of Japan through iTMS. From the international popularity, the album was "reverse" imported into Japan on September 17th.


After the release of this new album, the band announced the "25th Earth Debut Anniversary Limited Reunion World Tour & Japan Tour" to take place in 2010. The members are to reunite and concerts titled "MisaTour" are to be held in 10 locations – North America, Europe and Asia. A 24-concert tour has been planned for Japan and there are talks about the band being on summer rock festivals.