SUGIZO, who has gained high popularity overseas, received a hot invitation from Bangkok, Thailand, holding his very first talk event overseas!
As a member of LUNA SEA and X JAPAN, both bands’ overseas activities have established a strong base of fans around the world, and this time, in response to the long – awaited request from Thai fans, the talk show and mini live by violin will be held on 3 November 2018. The theme of the event is titled “Music, Thoughts ,Life and Soul”
The event will be planned to explore real SUGIZO towards attendants who want to know more of SUGIZO – such as his view of life, messages and stories through his music, his root of the dynamics of activities including activities such as use of Hydrogen as renewable energy sources, Environmental efforts, refugee support and disaster relief volunteer.

The comments from the organizer
“How long it has been since you heard the name SUGIZO LUNA SEA and SUGIZO X JAPAN?

OVD would like to invite you to dive deep into the depth of SUGIZO’s thoughts and soul. When darkness overcomes the light, while the light conquers the dark, the outcomes were borderless and undefined pieces of music. The ‘Sound’ which have been created echo out the scream from within. Every single time SUGIZO unleashes those sound out through the strings, what are really on his mind?

It’s time to see through to the hidden ‘Light’ under the wings of LUNA SEA and X JAPAN through the meaning of his ‘Sound’. This is talk event that is not just a talk event.

Bangkok.. We need to talk.”

Event detail:
[Topic: SUGIZO – Music, Thoughts ,Life and Soul]

Date: 3 November 2018 [Sat]
Open 16:00 Start 17:00 Bangkok Time
Venue: Aksra Theatre
Ticket: 2,500/2,200/2,000 Baht
On sale: 8 September 2018 [Sat] 10.00am Bangkok Time
*ticket details will be announced on 1 September 2018.
Promoter: OVD/PMG

Info:Tel: (66) 2203-0423-5
Line ID: @ovdcoin