JRR has brought to you an OFFICIAL English translation of YOSHIKI‘s MySpace interview direct from X JAPAN‘s MySpace!


Read on for answers about the upcoming reunion lives in March at the Tokyo Dome, "I.V.", and future plans!



Question: Can you tell us something about the Tokyo Dome lives?

YOSHIKI: There haven’t been any concrete decisions made yet. We’re still having meetings about that. But there will probably different songs at those two nights – well, not all different – and I’m contemplating creating totally different performances.

Question: Did you start rehearsing?

YOSHIKI: No, not yet. X doesn’t really rehearse much. Or rather, I don’t like rehearsal, I like to see just what will happen at any given concert. Well, for some songs we rehearse a lot, but with others we hardly do and just perform them as a challenge on stage.

Question: Can you tell us something about "I.V."?

YOSHIKI: Well, it’s a new song that X JAPAN will start to record next month [Feb. 2008]. I suppose we’ll be doing a number of things then, but in regards to the upcoming release, this is the somewhat delayed worldwide debut X JAPAN planned more than ten years ago and we even managed to have HIDE in there in a way. Well, putting in some HIDE phrases we kind of had an all-five-members debut, which makes me happy.

Question: Will that be a song with vocals?

YOSHIKI: Yes, it is. We’ll be recording in L.A. next month. Everybody will come there for that.

Question: What about the Japanese Best Album?

YOSHIKI: Well, I’m planning on an English one, too. But naturally there is a lot more Japanese material. Oh yes, I was asked to make a Japanese version of "I.V." Maybe that will be on that album. I have no idea.

Question: Do you have any plans after Tokyo Dome?

YOSHIKI: Well, I guess just as with the previous video it’s another step on our way and we’ll see how it goes on after we’ve taken that. We’ll see if there’s something we want to do next or if we’ll end it if nothing like that comes up. I don’t actually know yet, I’m just doing things as they come up without much planning ahead. With X, it seems regardless whether we make plans or not, when things are bad they’re bad, and when they’re good they’re good. Naturally, there are concert offers from overseas and so on now, but that’s all still under consideration. Well, after we start to rehearse for Tokyo Dome, if all the members feel we can do more, there’s a good chance we’ll do more.

Question: Will your base of operations remain in L.A.?

YOSHIKI: Well, since we’ll be doing Tokyo Dome, I’ll be back here. I came home yesterday [to Tokyo] but I’m so sleepy it’s unbelievable. I asked them, couldn’t we do the press conference in L.A.; I’ve been coming and going so much I’m totally stressed out. For months now, I’ve been moving back and forth from Japan and I expect that will get worse from now on.

Question: There have been rumors about you and Tetsuya Komuro reviving V2, after he made a blog post about that.

YOSHIKI: Well, he’s a friend, so I suppose there might be a chance of that. No idea really about that yet. But well, with too many things at the same time things might get confusing so I’d rather do one thing at a time. When we did V2 before, it was basically all improvised anyway, so I suppose it would be possible again without rehearsal and so on. Really, I have no idea.

Question: Would you please give your fans on MySpace a message?

YOSHIKI: I have a MySpace page myself. Please visit me there some




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Translation by Rika

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