Satsuki recently took some time to answer some questions for before Oni-Con.

What did you think of Anime Vegas?

It was great seeing my American fans again. There were fans that got to know me at Anime Next who came all the way out to Las Vegas so I was very happy.

Are there differences between American fans and Japanese fans? If so how?

I felt there was a difference during the show, Japanese fans are a bit shy but American fans are more outgoing.

You will be participating in Oni-Con at the end of October, are you planning to be involved with more convention type events like this in the future?

Yes, it’s an opportunity to expose my music to more people so I’d like to be involved.

Where would you like to perform at, out of all of the places you have never had a show before?

San Francisco

Your songs are peaceful and calm, but yet very memorable. Your international fans cannot understand what you are singing about, but do you feel that you are able to overcome the language barrier and write exactly what you are trying to communicate in your music?

Yes, through my lyrics of course, but I’ve purposely used words that capture that unique Japanese ring to them, so I’d like the listeners to enjoy that. For example, I’ve purposely used syllables that end in the A sound in the chorus because this makes the words reverberate.

AWAKE 目覚めてゆく~♪(me-ZA-meteyuku)
La Lune 風に抱かれて~♪(KA-zeniDAkarete)
CRYSTAL 鮮やかな空へ~♪(A-ZA YA KA NA soRAhe)

What are some things that made you want to become a musician? Also, what are some things that became obstacles in becoming a musician?

My heart wanting to sing, and express myself is what made me want to become a musician. Personal relations have made it difficult.

If you had not had the opportunity to become an artist/songwriter, what do you think you would have become?

A school teacher

You have great range as a vocalist, but have you always been able to sing this way? Have you ever been trained to sing?

It may be because I was a soprano in my elementary school’s choir.

Your style is very soft, smooth and the word “beautiful” fits you very well. What are you inspired by in regards to your costumes and your performances?

Female beauty

Is there a theme, or something that you keep in mind when you are writing?

The melody

Where do you feel is the most unusual place that you can be the most creative when it comes to songwriting?

In my dream.

What is the difference between standing on stage as a solo act and standing on stage with a band?

When I was in a band, I would throw my emotions into my voice, but as a solo act, I throw my heart at the song.

If you had the opportunity to collaborate with anyone, who would you choose?

Hyde from Vamps.

What do you see as your strengths and weaknesses as an artist?

Strength: Imagination
Weakness: Personal relations

What is your most memorable experience when interacting with your fans?

The time I received jewelry from Chrome Hearts as a gift.

You’ve released 2 singles, Awake and Crystal, but do you have plans to release a full album?

I don’t have exact plans, but I’d like to release one in the near future.

What can we expect from you in the following years?

I want to do more shows in America so please keep your hopes up for that.

Please provide us with a message for our readers.

Thank you for reading! I’d appreciate your continued support.

Interview Questions by: Jen M.
Edited by: Ali W.

Photographs by: Hans W.


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