Denver, Colorado experienced flooding for the first time in nearly ever, but that didn’t stop the annual anime convention, Nan Desu Kan, from pushing through. This year, the convention welcomed two musicians to their Friday night shows, Raj Ramayya and Lotus Juice. The line from the main event hall stretched across the hotel and around the café as cosplayers and avid fans of Cowboy Bebop and the Persona games waited.

Raj started the show with an opening that was reminiscent of Ask DNA. The crowd had a campfire-outing-with-friends vibe while he played on his acoustic guitar. Pulling the crowd to interact with him, he had them sing along and fill in parts of the lyrics.

The most memorable part of his act would have to be the gang bowing. The crowd was separated in two, and then faced each other. Both sides politely bowed to each other at a 45 degree angle. Having people gang bow expressed his pacifist ideals in a light and humorous manner.

Besides his set list alone, Raj used his free style abilities to come up with a song on the spot using three words: puppy, cat, twerk—three words that ended up getting an entire crowd hopping and dancing in glee (not to mention that the few stoic faces couldn’t help but at least a crack a smile.) Due to the high energy and free flowing atmosphere, it was easy for Lotus Juice to come and join on the stage, rapping along to Raj’s lively strumming.

With more cheers, Lotus Juice (LJ, for short), brought everyone back to jumping in the air with lively beats and meaningful lyrics. LJ had no trouble providing beats for everyone from the enthusiastic break dancers to the children running in a circle as a form of dance. There were those that know the lyrics and didn’t mind singing along, then there were those that had no trouble at all getting ON STAGE with LJ to do the Jojo Bizarre adventure poses at the end of OVERDRIVE.

The show ended far too soon when everyone dragged their feet out of the main events; it was evident to say that everyone could’ve gone for at least an entire night of vibrant beats from both Raj and Lotus Juice.

Live report by: Jess

Edited by: Deb