It’s official: the Taste of Chaos Tour is bringing Japanese rock to North America! We know how much everyone this side of the Pacific has been longing to hit up more Jrock lives… how about MUCC and D’espairsRay on a forty-six date tour?

Specific cities and dates have yet to be announced, but we’ll keep everyone updated.

D’espairsRay has so far simply announced that they’ll be on the tour. But MUCC made a large announcement, as is fitting a band in their tenth year with so much to celebrate. Keep reading to see what MUCC‘s website has to say, and for more information on Taste of Chaos.


Some extensive information about MUCC, as reported on their website, follows. This is not completely word-for-word, but covers the information in their update.

MUCC greeted their 10th anniversary this year. They went on their third overseas tour, hitting seven countries with eleven performances.

Their recent energetic activities have included releasing a Best Album and touring the country as the opening act for the nationwide Guns’N’Roses Japan Tour 2007. On Oct. 31, they released their new single "Fuzz."

On Nov. 25, MUCC returned to their hometown of Mitoshi in Ibaraki-ken to deliver their anniversary live at the Ibaraki-ken Cultural Center, and greeted a full house with three hours of music, featuring everything from their indies music to their cover songs.

And then from the members of MUCC came the announcement: that they will participate in the North American Taste of Chaos 2008 Tour, with 46 dates from February to May.

Past artists on this tour have included My Chemical Romance and Taking Back Sunday.

MUCC will be releasing a new album in March of next year—and it will be available in North America and Europe! (No details about this yet on the site, but there appear to be plans for past album Gokusai too.)

Never tiring, they’ll be performing in Japan too both before and after Taste of Chaos, with lives in February and May.

When there’s more from D’espairsRay, we’ll let you know!

What is Taste of Chaos? The Taste of Chaos Tour began in winter of 2004, developed by the creator of the highly successful Warped Tour, Kevin Lyman. The musical focus is post-hardcore, rock, and metal, and many Warped Tour veterans have jumped over to it. But Japanese rock is a fresh new addition. With so many dates, we hope everyone will be able to come out for MUCC and D’espairsRay and enjoy all of the bands performing!

Jrock Revolution will be the place to plan meetups and show your support en masse! Once specific dates are announced, we’ll get them up so you can all begin to make plans. 

Reported by Misha