KING OF JAPAN’s INDIES ROCK ANTI FEMINISM Celebrates 30th Anniversary at AMPLYFI HOLLYWOOD Show July 5th 2015

Japan’s King Of Indies Rock, ANTI FEMINISM celebrates 30th Anniversary at AMPLYFI Hollywood, CA on July 5th 2015.

LOS ANGELES, CA – April 19th 2015- Crazy and outraging KENZI will return to the States on July 5th at Amplyfi Hollywood with the full member of ANTI FEMINISM celebrating their 30th Anniversary along with recently announced Kon and Nao from CELL and La’Mule. The upcoming show will be at the VNITED (pronounced United) MUSIC FEST 2015 planning to invite several more guests from Japan as well as local indies bands in Los Angeles. A trailer video was uploaded early this week by promoters of the event on Youtube. Ticket information and related details have yet to be announced but will be available soon via the official facebook event page and special site for the event.

XENON  1 Year Anniversary Presents

-No Boundaries, Unite by Music-

Welcoming guests from Japan and bands/artists from the States. First ever music live concert collab w/ musicians from Asia and the U.S. on Independence Weekend!



ANTI FEMINISM (KENZI Rock 30th Anniversary Show)
Kon & Nao (CELL, La’Mule)


Amplyfi Hollywood

Melrose, CA
All Ages


PreSale: $20.00
Day Of Sale: $30.00
VIP: Coming Soon
Ticket Sale Day TBA


ANTI FEMINISM is led by KENZI, the lead vocal (CEO of Anarchist Records, Leader and Drummer of THE DEAD POP STARS, also ex. KAMAITACHI) who is one of the most charismatic artists in the world of Visual Kei. The band had captured large audience with many outrageous stunts often performed on stage. The singer is known to set his hand on fire, break neon lights with his head, cut himself with the shards on his stomach and arms, fling vegetables with a baseball bat, and tumble around on a pile of thumbtacks.

The band had made the Japanese Visual Kei band scene shiver with their unique, crazy style. There are no permanent band members besides KENZI, but recently a solid line up with Shogo (Guitar), Shizuki (Drum), & Ruiji (Bass). Up to this day, more than 800 Visual Kei musicians have taken part in the ANTI FEMINISM adventure throughout Japan. In 2007, the band had held their first U.S. Tour from New York, Texas, to Los Angeles. On the same year, the band held their first Europe Tour as well starting from France and ending in Finland (total of 6 shows). In 2009, Kenzi joined the Killing Red Addiction to have show at the Whiskey a Go Go with Dynamite Tommy (COLOR), Taiji (ex. X-Japan & LOUDNESS Bassist), & Tatsu (ex. GASTUNK) with Nameless U.S. bands (LF-laissez faire-, Lemon Drop Kick, Missing Gloree, Gravity Core) opening up for them. ANTI FEMINISM returned to Los Angeles in July 4th to perform at the first VK FEST held in Downtown, LA.