The exciting news is out about Japanese rock coming to the ROCKSTAR Taste of Chaos Tour. But you don’t have to wait until 2008 for more great Japanese bands to perform here.

The debut U.S. tour of session punk band ANTI FEMINISM and bright visual band Hagakure is right around the corner! Save the date and get your tickets.

12/09: Brooklyn, NY @ Studio B
12/11: Dallas, TX @ Lakewood Theater
12/13: Los Angeles, CA @ Knitting Factory
12/15: San Francisco, CA @ DNA Lounge

And as a special treat for fans, you’ll have a rare opportunity following the one hour sets of each band: an exclusive autograph session on a first come, first served basis.

Coming to the L.A. show? Make sure you’re signed up for our forum and drop a line to one of our staff – we’d love to see you there!

If you’re not familiar with ANTI FEMINISM, you may have some questions about the meaning of the name. We’ll have answers straight from the band’s single permanent member KENZI (also of THE DEAD POP STARS) coming up for you. To learn more about his epic adventures with ANTI FEMINISM as well as all the details on Hagakure, read on for official information provided to us by GUERILL’ART!, a brand of STUDIO BATSU. For venues and ticket information, see WOW ROCK.


The following is courtesy of by GUERILL’ART!, a brand of STUDIO BATSU, via WOWROCK.COM:

Japanese rock artists, the merry-sounding Hagakure and the legendary session punk band ANTI FEMINISM, will be making their debut U.S. Tour in mid December.

These seasoned indie stars have toured Europe twice in ’07 at France, Belgium, Sweden, Finland and SOLD OUT shows at Poland.

ANTI FEMINISM is led by KENZI, the lead vocal (CEO of Anarchist Records, Leader and Drummer of THE DEAD POP STARS) who is one of the most charismatic artists in the world of Visual Kei. The concept of ANTI FEMINISM is based on "Radical Ideas" and has captured a large audience with many outrageous stunts often performed on stage. The singer is known to set his hand on fire, break neon lights with his head, cut himself with the shards on his stomach and arms, fling vegetables with a baseball bat, and tumble around on a pile of thumbtacks.

The band has made the Japanese Visual Kei scene shiver with their unique, out of control style. They went as far as burning the head of a dead pig on stage. There are no permanent band members (aka "anti shockers") besides KENZI. Up to this day, more than 800 Visual Kei musicians have taken part in the ANTI FEMINISM adventure throughout Japan. In 2007, this extreme band will begin its conquest of the world!

HAGAKURE is a Visual Kei band created by Kaya that skillfully expresses the essense of Japanese tradition and style. Its theme, based on "Happiness" and a blend of Japanese theater and poetry, charms and mesmerizes the audience. Even those who belong to the darkest side of the Visual Kei world would be receptive to the universal message of Hagakure‘s songs.

The band is composed of Kaya, the lead vocalist, along with other support members: thus the band keeps evolving. Kaya is definitely the foundation of Hagakure but he believes the support members, fans, audience, and staff are an integral part of Hagakure because of their genuine support. They have started touring outside Japan in 2006 and Hagakure‘s adventure has just begun.