Jrock Revolution is about to unveil a new contest… featuring video clips from Jrock Revolution Festival One!

Your task: Guess the Jrock Artist! The clips will be short, and you’ll have to identify what artist/band is on display. There will be multiple levels of difficulty, and to win you will have to pass all the levels! You’ll have multiple days to look at the videos and come up with your final answers.

So if you can display the utmost skill at recognizing the artists who inspire you, what could you win? Well, not only do we have a grab bag of prizes from various artists for the runners-up, but…

If you couldn’t be there for the blood, sweat, and tears of Scavenger Hunt Night, or if you gave it your all but time was against you, you get one more shot at…

…the Grand Prize.

Yes… The Winner of Guess the Jrock Artist gets a signed poster from the JRR Festival One artist of your choice.

You can pick from: Despairs’Ray, girugamesh, DuelJewel, alice nine., MUCC, Kagrra,, Merry, and Vidoll!

For Miyavi fans, remember that you have till 11:59 P.M. PST tonight to send in your birthday messages and enter our prize raffle… and we’re serving you well by dedicating this whole weekend to your idol! We love all the messages we’ve received! And we’ll have something for you in the runners-up prizes for this new contest, too..

Guess the Jrock Artist will be up faster than you can say "ONE MORE CHANCE TO WIN THE POSTER!!" Come back tomorrow to get started!

And thanks to all our extremely dedicated readers who submitted to the Scavenger Hunt… you can now go check your work, because the answers are on the forum! You will all be rewarded in the future for your participation, and we thank each and every one of you!