At his major press conference in Tokyo yesterday, Yoshiki announced that there will be another X JAPAN live in Japan this year and that he has written a new song for the band. 

Jrock Revolution’s Hibara was at the Yoshiki press conference yesterday, and she sent us this summary of what went on. In her own words, here’s a fan-perspective of this event:

Thousands of fans gathered early in the morning on September 15th to enter Olympic Plaza in Tokyo—the press conference was "free," but only about 4,000 people were allowed to get in. Though the conference was scheduled to start at noon, by 10:00am the venue reached full capacity. The evening TV news reported that over 10,000 people were there.

As often happens with YOSHIKI’s appearances, the start of the conference was delayed by about a half hour. At 12:25pm, the emcee Shiho Hashimoto appeared and talked about the press conference. After that, some race queens/promotional models appeared and a few motorcycles drove to the front of the stage, followed by a sports car. YOSHIKI made his entrance by emerging from that very car!

The press conference seemed to be sponsored by "ROCKSTAR ENERGY DRINK." The emcee then made the announcement that YOSHIKI became an executive producer for the drink. A "ROCKSTAR ENERGY DRINK" representative then gave a brief presentation about his product.

For the latter half of this open press conference, YOSHIKI made some announcements as follows:

-There are plans for an "X JAPAN countdown concert" at the end of the year in Japan.

-There are also plans for an "X JAPAN Christmas event," which might be a classical concert.

-The venues for these events will be announced in next couple of weeks.

-Normally YOSHIKI titles himself as a producer since X JAPAN disbanded, but as of this year he prefers to be known as a musician.

Following YOSHIKI’s comments, several X JAPAN members said a few words as well.

From HEATH: "We will keep on driving energetically, so let’s have fun together!"

From PATA: "Give me a t-shirt."

From TOSHI: "Let’s enjoy the concert together at the end of the year again! Please care about YOSHIKI."

X JAPAN will be the first Japanese artist to perform Bercy in Paris. YOSHIKI started playing the piano already, but said he hasn’t played drums yet. YOSHIKI said he would leave for Taiwan by private plane after the press conference, but he was worried about the weather because a typhoon was approaching. (He also added that he doesn’t know much about Taiwan as he’d never been there before.)

Regarding future X JAPAN shows, YOSHIKI said that he plans to hold interviews and promote X JAPAN in five countries over five days. Any potential X JAPAN concert in China might take place at the Bird’s Nest National Stadium (which was where the Beijing Olympics were held); however, this is still under negotiation.

Other announcements:

– X JAPAN’s music will be in the Japanese edition of "Rock Band 2."

-2010 will be the 100th anniversary of director Akira Kurosawa’s birth. YOSHIKI says he will produce music for a Kurosawa memorial film, which will hit screens nation-wide in the States.

-YOSHIKI said to the audience: "There’s nothing to fear, everything is ok with me!"

-YOSHIKI wrote a new song for X JAPAN. He says that it’s more heavy and violent than previous songs, as he noticed that Toshi could sing in a really raw and violent way. (Speaking frankly, YOSHIKI said he didn’t know how Toshi would do with "I.V."!) Of course, they plan to release the new song in Japan!

-YOSHIKI also noted that it’s hard for him to play "Silent Jealousy;" however, it’s a fan favorite that often tops request charts.

YOSHIKI gave a final message to the fans:

"I am supposed to let you guys see my cheerful appearance because it’s been a while [since I’ve seen everyone]. But [this conference] became such a big event! I can’t say my condition is good yet, but I’ll do my best. I don’t know how long this strain will continue… but thank you in advance [for your support]."

At the end of the press conference, there was a photo opportunity for the attending media.

The ending songs played were "Without You" and "Tears." 

A very special thank you to Hibara for providing this EXCLUSIVE report!