Yokohama, Japan – September 2, 2009 – After successfully adding 80 visual kei releases, HearJapan, the digital music store for Japanese music, added the visual kei band Serial Number in March of this year. The band is known for having a light sound, colorful costumes and being an all-around fun band, dubbed ‘oshare kei’ by their fans.

Today, the band showed that there is more to them than just ‘oshare kei’. Serial Number unveiled an alter ego band consisting of the same members called "Gothic Number". If Serial Number represents the light side of visual kei, Gothic Number represents the dark force. Filled with heavy guitar riffs and screaming, Gothic Number marks a dirty departure for the band, although the lyrics still retain Serial Number’s playful side. Their first single, ‘Wa Ra,’ is a digital-only download available internationally exclusively via HearJapan. The single costs 150 yen and can be downloaded from any country in high-quality mp3 format.

HearJapan has also made available today three other visual kei releases. These include re-releases of Kisaki Project feat. Jyui (Vidoll), Birushana, Shiru de Rais & Iron, and Piass with Ra’s Testars. HearJapan promises a steady stream of visual kei releases in the future, including more digital-only releases to meet the demand from fans around the globe.

Gothic Number – Wara:
Piass with Ra’s Testars – Kaikoroku Dai 5 Shou:
Kisaki Project feat. Jyui – Kaikoroku Dai 1 Shou:
Birushana, Shiru de Rais & Iron – Kaikoroku Dai 2 Shou: