YOSHIKI completed his 5th Anniversary solo concert series on September 1st at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo, bringing the total to 10 sold-out performances over 6 days.

“EVENING WITH YOSHIKI 2018 IN TOKYO JAPAN 6 DAYS 5TH YEAR ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL” ran from July 13th to 16th, with additional shows August 31st and September 1st, including six dinner shows and four breakfast shows. The competition for tickets reached its highest level in the history of the concert series, with pre-sale lottery applications exceeding 100 times the number of available tickets. All concerts sold out immediately, with a large number of fans visiting from countries all over the world, such as the United States, United Kingdom, China, Hong Kong, Denmark, Thailand, and Indonesia.

YOSHIKI performed powerful compositions such as “Anniversary”, the song celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the Japanese Emperor’s reign, the “Golden Globe Theme”, and “Without You”, dedicated to his late father and deceased friends and band members Hide and Taiji, as well as X JAPAN songs “Kurenai”, and “Art of Life”.

YOSHIKI delivered a surprise drum performance and a fashion show introducing models wearing YOSHIKIMONO in a fantasy-like setting surrounded by rainbow-colored lasers. The nearly three-hour concert also included a string quartet, guest vocalists Katie Fitzgerald and Ashley Knight, and a performance by the Maki Asami Ballet Group, dancing on stage to YOSHIKI’s arrangements of “Swan Lake” and “Forever Love”.

YOSHIKI also performed the unreleased full version of “Red Swan”, the opening theme of the hit anime series Attack on Titan currently airing on NHK in Japan and broadcast worldwide.

Many celebrity VIP guests with personal ties to YOSHIKI attended the anniversary shows, including soccer player Gerard Piqué from FC Barcelona, MLB baseball player Barry Bonds, former ambassadors to the United States and United Kingdom, as well as Rakuten CEO Hiroshi Mikitani and Kawai Musical Instruments founder Koichi Kawai.

YOSHIKI took time to speak casually with the fans and individually accept presents from the audience. The event’s charity auction, which included personal items and valuable clothing that had been used in filming, resulted in bids totaling 69.26 million yen. The total amount gained from the charity auction sales is being donated to support disaster relief and other domestic and foreign charitable institutions through YOSHIKI’s 501(c)(3) non-proft organization, Yoshiki Foundation America.

In addition to contributing 10 million yen in June toward areas devastated by flooding in western Japan, YOSHIKI brought a certificate for 3 million yen to an appearance on “24 Hour Television” on August 26th. It was also revealed that YOSHIKI readily agreed to the offer without accepting a performance fee, stating that “Charity work is something I wish to continue as my life’s work for as long as I live.”

Upon completing the full 10 dinner show performances, his greatest number to date, YOSHIKI was moved to tears during his MC on the final day, saying, “I haven’t yet broken down the walls of the world, but in rough times, I can hear the voices of all my fans, and they support me. I want to borrow everyone’s strength and take on the world.”

Next week YOSHIKI moves forward to his performances with X JAPAN at TV Asahi Dream Festival 2018 on September 15th and the 100,000-person live performance “X JAPAN LIVE IN JAPAN 2018 THREE DEEP RED NIGHTS AT MAKUHARI MESSE” September 28th-30th.

September 1 (Saturday) @ The Grand Hyatt Tokyo
1. Amethyst
2. Opening Video
3. The Last Song
4. Golden Globe Theme
6. River of Light
7. Anniversary
9. Hello Kitty Theme & YOSHIKIMONO Fashion Show
10. Yoshiki Foundation America Video
11. Charity Auction
12. YOSHIKITTY appearance
13. Drum Solo
14. I’ll Be Your Love
15. Swan Lake (w/ Maki Asami Ballet Group)
16. Forever Love (w/ Maki Asami Ballet Group)
17. Miracle
18. Without You
19. Kurenai
20. Art of Life
21. Endless Rain
22. Curtain Call

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