Yokohama, Japan – October 5, 2009 – sgt., one of the most dynamic post rock bands in the Japanese scene are set to release their newest mini-album, "capital of gravity" on October 7, 2009 through HearJapan’s worldwide digital music store. The album will be available for download in mp3 format the second it turns Wednesday in Japan, giving fans worldwide the first chance to listen to the full album in its entirety.

sgt. are veterans of the post rock scene in Japan having played together for over 10 years. Their captivating sound has led them to play with some of the greats in the Japanese music scene including ROVO, Boredoms, and 54-71. They set themselves apart from other bands with their violinist, Mikiko Narui who clutches onto the band’s sound and takes it in new directions. "capital of gravity" features a newly added member to the band, the guitarist, Hironori Taoka. This brings the band back to their four member lineup which later became a three person lineup for their previous album Stylus Fantasticus. Stylus Fantasticus was in the top 50 albums’ list of 2008 in foreign media like The Silent Ballet and ZB’s A-Z of J-Music as well as Japanese media outlets.

The addition of the extra guitarist gives their music a feeling of completion. The violinist still carries the music but the guitarist adds frills and fillers making this one of their best albums to date. It will surely be in 2009’s best albums’ list as well. In fact, the album has already become this months music recommendation on Japanator.

Not only will HearJapan be selling the release this Wednesday, but they also posted an English interview with the band that delves into their music, new lineup changes and special upcoming live performances. "capital of gravity" features 5 new tracks and a remix from their first release by Tyme.. It retails for 855 yen (9.80 | €6.70).


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The galactic sgt. interview –

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