Yokohama, Japan – October 6, 2009 – Inugami Circus Dan is possibly one of the most unique vis-kei (visual chaos) bands playing today. Made up of four members claiming to be the resurrected spirits of an ancient sorcerer family, they blend hard rock and a dark brand of blues into a very Japanese brand of music. Fronted by a woman often seen wearing a traditional kimono (Inugami Kyouko) and backed by three men in slightly more modern Japanese military uniforms (Inugami Jouji II on guitar, Inugami Zin on bass, and Inugami Akira on drums) the group certainly brings a bit of chaos along with their swaggering, gothic rock and roll.

The group is lead by singer Inugami Kyouko. Wearing over-the-top Kabuki styled make-up, she often stops singing and instead entrances the listener by telling stories over the music. Her singing style often has a traditional, almost nostalgic longing deep down, even though it might all be a trick to lull you into a false sense of security.

"Kago no Tori Tenkuu o Shirazu" is the band’s grand grimoire. It is two discs, 33 subversive tracks that span the band’s 15 year career. Many of the songs are no longer easy to find, some are fan favorites and one, the title track "Kago no Tori," is brand new. For two and a half hours you’ll hear rock, blues, sweet tongue-in-cheek ballads, lots of traditional flavor, even a bit of classic metal, all served up with the band’s signature dark humor and deadly seriousness.

"Kago no Tori Tenkuu o Shirazu" goes on sale at midnight on Wednesday October 7th through HearJapan. Preorder the album and get an additional 5% off the already discounted price of ¥3,600 | $39.56 | €27.13


"Kago no Tori Tenkuu o Shirazu"

Inugami Circus-dan


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