It’s Thanksgiving in America, and we have a ton of thanks to give.

THANK YOU to our dedicated readers who always come to spend time with us.


THANK YOU to our wonderful forum members, who make our forum a great place to be.

THANK YOU to our nearly 7,000 readers on MySpace and LiveJournal. We hope to see even more people there!

THANK YOU to our truly amazing street team, press crew, and content contributors who’ve come on board to give us your time and efforts.


THANK YOU to all who came to the first Jrock Revolution Festival and everyone waiting for more.


THANK YOU to our friends and partners in the overseas Jrock media who work so hard to help fans of Jrock everywhere.


THANK YOU to everyone around the world who has joined the Revolution! We’re building this movement together, and we’re so grateful for each and every one of you!


And now, if you’ll all join us in saying:

THANK YOU to the artists. To everyone that makes Japanese rock unique, fresh, inspiring, moving, and awesome all around. Today, we send you worldwide gratitude, and our hopes that you will only continue to make more incredible music.