Yokohama, Japan – October 14, 2009 – Ever try Meth.? Worried about the side effects? Worry no more. HearJapan is encouraging all users to try Meth., at least once. HearJapan is now slinging hits of Meth., globally, at only 200 Yen a hit. Worried about your Meth. getting intercepted at the border? Forget about it. HearJapan is all-digital, no customs to deal with.

As of today, HearJapan is proud to boast 19 varieties of Meth., which include the debut of 3 new hits: Street name "at WILL". Fresh-cooked from the super-lab, today! Meth. is mixture composed of many ingredients; however, this batch of 19 features an exceptionally high level of metal. HearJapan guarantees customer satisfaction. After one rail of Meth. you’ll be thrown into a euphoric frenzy. Warning! Meth. is highly addictive.

In addition to the 3 new doses of Meth., HearJapan is simultaneously releasing older hits from 4 different batches. Full releases come with bonus artwork, lyrics and liner notes. Don’t be shy, you know you want to try it. Slam Meth. sonically into your bloodstream.



Meth. – at WILL


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