Since 2001, the Japanese band detroit7 has conquered the Tokyo rock scene and is now poised for an international invasion. The tight three-piece garage rock outfit is comprised of vocalist and guitarist Tomomi Nabana, drummer Miyoko Yamaguchi, and bassist Nobuaki Kotajima. Having done time as an opening act for such artists as Okuda Tamio, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Manic Street Preachers, and Teenage Fanclub. They take center stage as part of the line-up of 2009’s Japan Nite Tour―a traveling offshoot of the Japan Nite performances at the annual SXSW Music Festival in Austin.

They recorded their first full-length album Great Romantic (2006), in Memphis with producer John Hampton, who has worked with many renowned American rock acts, such as the White Stripes. The band also contributed a memorable rendition of "Rape Me" to a Nirvana tribute album featuring all Japanese bands. Starting from their first major EP release Vertigo (2003), through Third Star From the Earth (2008) and a self-titled album in 2009, the group’s legendary live performances, featuring a soulful-voiced (and frequently barefoot) Nabana, have complemented a steady output of recordings.

The band’s name was born simply of singer Nabana’s desire to coin a name featuring both a city name and a number. Although, coincidentally, her favorite musical artists happen to hail from the Motor City: the MC5, the Stooges, and the White Stripes. The energetic, hard-rocking detroit7 would certainly not be out of place on a bill with any of these classic acts. The band’s signature would have to be the alternately mellow and muscular vocal stylings of Nabana, clearly Japan’s answer to Karen O.

detroit7’s new EP will be released on October 27th from Daruma Label (Digital Release include iTunes Store).

Title:Black & White EP
Label:Daruma Label
Release Date:October 27th, 2009

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Cold Heat (music video)

【What is "Daruma Label"?】

Established in Los Angeles in 2009, Daruma is a brand new record label focused on Japanese artists with no genre boundaries. This fresh, new branch of Domo Records (the label of Grammy Winning Japanese recording artist, KITARO) nurtures Japanese acts of outstanding originality and showcases excellent live performances to United States audiences. Domo Records’ 15 years of experience will guide Daruma’s special focus in bringing the Japanese niche market into the mainstream of pop culture, unleashing a whole new spectrum of music.

Crossing borders of both language and nations, Daruma will be the record label for the new generation.