This may be a surprise, but EINSOF Marketing Group, who is responsible for selling the tickets for March 29th, has just announced that there WILL BE a VERY LIMITED two-day sale for tickets to X Japan’s March 30th concert.

Neither JRR, JaME, nor EMG expected to obtain any tickets for March 30th, but this turn of events just occurred earlier this evening.


We know this comes as a surprise, as we were COMPLETELY taken off guard by this sudden turn of events. Due to the extremely high demand of tickets for all 3 nights of X Japan’s Tokyo Dome concerts, we didn’t expect any international sale to occur for the night of March 30th.

We understand this ticketing situation has been very complicated thus far, and we apologize for all the difficulties. HOWEVER, JRR, JaME, and EMG would like to provide as many fans with as many opportunities to be able to experience this PHENOMENAL reunion!

PLEASE NOTE: International buyers who are having trouble purchasing tickets through, please contact