yoshikiX JAPAN Taiwan concert

August 2nd (Sat), Taipei World Trade Center.

After having previously announced live concerts at Paris, France, Villepinte Parc d’exposition on July 5th (Sat) and New York, USA, Madison Square Garden, September 13th (Sat), X JAPAN today confirmed their first international appearance in South East Asia to be at the Taipei World Trade Center in Taipei, Taiwan.
X JAPAN will be the first group to play in the 30,000 capacity hall of the trade center, which was completed December 2007.

Having broken up in 1997, the legendary rock band reunited on October 22nd, 2007 for their world debut the in form of their new song "I.V.," the theme song of worldwide best selling movie SAW IV. For the end of March 2008, X JAPAN announced two live performances at Tokyo Dome on March 28th and 30th, which was changed to three consecutive nights of performances when ticket reservation requests hit over 200,000 within hours of opening appplications, tickets selling out before they officially went on sale. With 15,000 fans among the 150,000 fans attending the concerts, the international popularity of X JAPAN became clear, resulting in numerous offers from a variety of foreign ventures.

The decision to play in Taiwan was made after over 10,000 fan letters from Taiwan arrived at Yoshiki‘s studio in Los Angeles, with entreaties to play there.

"I.V.", the SAW IV theme song, has been released worldwide in iTunes, in a move that’s a first for any Japanese artist.

Releases of "JAPANESE BEST ALBUM" and "ENGLISH BEST ALBUM" are planned for XX.XX.2008.

Press Release courtesy of X JAPAN Project
Translated by Rika
Edited by Krystal