D1GP Live ReportD1GP, Tune in Tokyo and JrockRevolution.com came together and for a fun-filled day of fashion, music and cars in Harajuku Alley at D1GP in Anaheim last month.

The DJs from Tune in Tokyo — Del, Yuki, Greg and Alley Kat — kept attendees and staff dancing and singing. Tadahisa Yoshida visited as well, and hung out for awhile.

The day started out quiet, most likely because the weather was a bit overcast. Nevertheless, around noon, the crowds came, the music got louder, and the dancing spilled out from inside the tent. Reiko, Krystal, DJ Yuki, Cecilia (from D1GP) and several of the fashion show contestants danced away the morning and well into the afternoon. At one point, people who stopped by to check out the event stepped up and joined the dancing. Throughout the day, Harajuku Alley was surrounded by car displays and the sounds of the drifting competition in the background. There was motorcycle racing and even a Radio Controlled Car Race in which the operators had their cars drifting around a track like the real thing.

In the hours before the fashion show, people began to come in and register in hopes of winning one of D1GP’s cash prizes. Lolitas, Gothics, Harajuku-styles and even a "cyber twin" of DJ Sisen participated in the show. The creativity and the work that went into the outfits were obvious.

From JrockRevolution.com supplies, there was a selection of T-shirt designs, posters and the latest flyers. Tune in Tokyo provided beverages and snacks. Staff members from TnT, D1GP and JRR.com stayed up late in the days before the event making signs and decorations that complimented the banners that stretched the length of D1GP’s VIP tent.

After the fashion show, attendees were treated to some very talented singers and musicians. Maganda, one of the fashion show contestants, entertained us with singing and dancing. People stopped and listened while he sang. Tommy Pedrini, despite hobbling around on crutches, kept the music going in between with his keyboard and song. As a sort of finale, almost everyone from the fashion show, JRR.com, TnT and D1GP joined in with Maganda on the last song.

A special thanks to Cecilia Amo of D1GP for inviting JrockRevolution.com to this event. We look forward to next year!

Review submitted by: Deann B.
Edited by: Kelly T.