Jrock Revolution has scheduled activities at A-kon in Dallas, Texas, from May 30th – June 1st!


When you’re done with registration at A-kon on Thursday, you’ll want something to do right? You’ll have all this energy, but the convention hasn’t quite started yet. Head over to the Jpop room! At 9 PM, we are having a Jrock meet up. Our forum members are encouraged to attend, but all fans of Jrock are welcomed! Please stick around, because at 10 PM, JSHOCK is presenting a full viewing of D’espairsRay‘s domestically released DVD, Spiral Staircase #15!

On Friday, Jrock Revolution will be having our own industry panel! We may even get a visit from Tainted Reality~ The panel will be at 3 PM, giving you enough time to get in line for the Versailles live. Please bring your friends!

We look forward to seeing you at both~

You can head over to our forum to talk about both here.