In the midst of the X Japan filming, there will be precious little time to meet up with other members and other fans, but wait! There’s still hope!

HOW will you find your fellow members? Easy! If you don’t have a t-shirt, the next best thing is a purple or purple and black ribbon on your lapel. It’s small, it’s subtle and when you’re in a crowd, you’ll (fairly) easily see who else has their colors on. Say ‘hi’ and chit chat!

Be on the lookout for Deann, our official Ribbon Girl, who will be carrying an assortment of pre-made purple ribbons in case you didn’t get to bring one. How to find her?


  • Leopard print ears
  • purple ribbon
  • official sticker

She’ll be traveling far and wide throughout the event, so be on the lookout! We may have a second Ribbon Person on site as well, so stay tuned for details. Talk to our Ribbon People and your picture with your colors could be displayed on the site, as well!

The 9th is creeping up on us and we’ll do our best to be ready. Keep an eye on our article as well as the forum for up to date information. Can’t swing by too often? Never fear – keep an eye on your favorite social networks for any announcements to come!