Jrock Revolution and Japanese Music Entertainment, the two most prominent media and promotional organizations serving overseas interests in the Japanese rock and popular music scene, announced today the formation of a strategic alliance to benefit overseas fans of Japanese rock.

Japanese Music Entertainment (JaME) has established itself as a mainstay in Europe, with branches all over the world to serve international Japanese rock fans with up-to-date, local information about their favorite artists in eighteen different languages, accessible through main website www.jame-world.com.

Based in America, Jrock Revolution (JRR) exploded onto the scene in 2007 as the premiere official destination for Japanese rock music fans worldwide, providing media coverage and exclusives at www.jrockrevolution.com. Both organizations share a common goal of spreading the popularity and outreach of Japanese rock artists to every corner of the earth, and providing Jrock fans with superior online portals for news, feature, media, and profile content on Jrock artists and all aspects of the music scene.

JRR and JaME will take their shared mission of serving the international Jrock community to the next level by uniting their resources for unprecedented future efforts. By bringing both organizations together, uniting the expansive resources of their web portals, and delivering multilingual information to their massive readerships, JRR and JaME will effectively double their outreach to the international fan community. 

As dominant forces in their homebase locales, they will also be able to tailor outreach to different national and international markets. While details of the specific efforts to come from the allied organizations are still undisclosed, the ultimate goal of the strategic alliance is to best serve overseas fans of Jrock.

“This new collaboration between JaME and Jrock Revolution shows our will to work in the best conditions with our partners for the benefits of the fans, and also the artists,” says Pierre Renaud, the owner of JaME. “Being that we have a similar purpose, we thought it was natural to share our knowledge, strengths and energies to reach that goal: give Japanese music its deserved place in the world. However, developing Jrock and Visual Kei doesn’t mean we are giving up Jpop and other genres. We will continue to move forward in that direction. I’m very proud that JaME is a part of this process."

“What’s most important about the concept of Jrock Revolution is that it is completely driven by the fanbase,” says Krystal Yang, the Director of Marketing and Administration for JRR. “Without the fans, Jrock Revolution would not be possible. As JaME shares these ideals in their encouragement of fan-driven efforts to further the development of Japanese music worldwide, Jrock Revolution is very excited about the potential this alliance holds. It will not only benefit our mission to expand the reach of Japanese music, but most importantly, it will unite fans around the world with a common goal.”

Further updates will be forthcoming at www.jrockrevolution.com and www.jame-world.com.

About Jrock Revolution:

Jrock Revolution is the premier destination for Japanese rock fans all over the world. JrockRevolution.com serves to promote artists, music, and events in the U.S. and beyond, and provides a community space for once scattered fan groups to unite and organize. Inspired in 2007 by YOSHIKI of the legendary band X JAPAN, Jrock Revolution brought the first major festival of Jrock artists to the U.S., and remains at the cutting edge of the international Jrock scene.


About Japanese Music Entertainment:

In 2004, several European websites merged to create JmusicEuropa.com, which became JaME. Since that time, the website has grown with the development of the Japanese music scene overseas. In a few years, it became the first and biggest multilingual database and informational website about Japanese music around the world, covering a wide range of music styles coming from Japan, and promoting them globally.