Ever since MUCC and D’espairsRay were announced for the Rockstar Taste of Chaos tour, fans have been dreaming of the songs they want to hear live. If you’ve been building that ideal set list in your head, you now have a chance to make your opinions known at pickRset.

pickRset is a social networking site designed to get fans and artists in touch about upcoming shows by giving fans a chance to pick the set! RTOC‘s U.S. shows are up on the site. For each show, you can pick the set you want to hear, with twenty-five slots available. Multiple albums from MUCC and D’espairsRay are available for you to choose tracks.

Want to hear all of Mirror, or every track on Gokusai? It’s up to you! Go build your ideal set list at pickRset, and have a say in who’s on top in the band and music rankings—make Jrock come out on top! You can even go back to edit your set list later, and post comments on the site about the bands. This is a great chance to let fans coming for the rest of RTOC‘s lineup know that MUCC and D’espairsRay ROCK.

And what about newcomers the Underneath? Their official website and official MySpace are up! Go check them out and friend them to let them know you’re happy to see them bring their music to their overseas fans FIRST.