The moment international fans have been waiting for has arrived.

Jrock Revolution (JRR) and Japanese Music Entertainment (JaME) announce today an unprecedented international ticket sale for the upcoming X JAPAN reunion concerts:

"X JAPAN ATTACKS AGAIN 2008 I.V. ~Towards Destruction~," which will take place at the Tokyo Dome on March 28th and 30th.

JRR and JaME, which announced a strategic alliance this Friday, have secured a limited pool of international tickets for this event.

The tickets will be sold through a lottery system from which ticket holders will be selected at random to complete the sale.

The lottery will begin on Monday, February 11th, 10:00AM PST (1:00PM EST/19:00 CET) on JRR’s and JaME’s respective websites: and

We’ll have more information up for you later on the 10th. There will soon be an extensive FAQ up on our site to answer all of your questions.