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JrockRevolution.com has reached out to provide you with a vast network to keep you in touch with the revolution. Where do we rock? The same places you do. Check out the sites below – bookmark them, add them, friend them, share them!

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The largest social network site online keeping you in touch with everything from music, movies, celebrities, events, organizations and, of course, the revolution.

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The largest blogging site online connecting groups, fans, events and more. Keep in touch with thousands of fans and add the JrockRevolution.com Livejournal to always have your news close at hand.

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One of the fastest growing networks available, Facebook has artists, groups, fans, business and much more. Watch for JRRdotcom related events, discuss issues with other fans and remain armed with updates and more!

On YouTube
The largest video repository around has a channel dedicated to the revolution. Missed a previous video or want to review your favorites? Check out the channel, browse through videos and even exchange some time with other fans stopping in.

Right here at home
The beginning of it all. Your primary source for news will always be the main site. Find previous articles easily and quickly, read up on bands you might not have had a chance to yet and watch for upcoming contests and events.

And at the forums
The gathering place for everything from news, events, local happenings and more. Fans from around the world interact in our over 4,000+ membership forum. Find a few in your area – you may be surprised at how many there can be! Discuss anything and everything from the site in a safe and fun environment.

Our network ensures that you’re always in touch with the latest news, interviews, concerts and events taking place world-wide. Take part in the latest discussions no matter where you are. Keep connected with the revolution and revolutionaries around the world.