You’ve all been waiting… and wondering…. And now, we reveal…

The Jrock Revolution SCAVENGER HUNT!

We’re going to put up on the forum a massive list of questions, every single one of which can be answered by looking at our own site content.

Every section of the site is fair game. As long as it’s on and is still there for you to see, it could be on the Scavenger Hunt.

To win, you must be the FIRST person to send us a complete list of answers, with every single one correct.

And when we said awesome prize, we meant it.

Because the winner of the Scavenger Hunt gets…

A signed poster from one of our Jrock Revolution Festival One bands.

But who signed it? Which band, what artists?

The answer is…

It’s up to YOU.

That’s right, Jrock Revolution readers. You get to choose.

Do you love Miyavi? A poster signed by him could be yours.

Can’t get enough of alice nine.? You could have all their signatures up on your wall.

The same goes for Despairs’Ray, Duel Jewel, girugamesh, Kagrra,, MUCC, Merry, and Vidoll.

YOU choose the artist, we give you the poster.

Excited yet?

And we won’t neglect our runners-up.

The second place winner gets a S.K.I.N. t-shirt. Only sold at Anime Expo to this date, these are EXTREMELY rare, limited edition pieces of amazing superband merch.

And five runners-up will get a Jrock Revolution poster. Now, it may not be signed by one of our bands, but it WILL be signed on the back by our office staff. Yes, we’re not cool like jrockers, but we want to thank you for your dedication to our site, so we will write a personalized message for you. <3

We’ll also give JRR buttons to the first fifteen successful entrants, including our first and second-place winners and runners-up.

The Scavenger Hunt will not go up any earlier than THIS Saturday at 6:00 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, and it will be posted by 8:00 P.M. of the same day, same time zone.

To help you out with the contest and generally improve our site navigation, we’ve made some changes here and there. Make sure to check out the Site Index, up in our top menu, where you can find our site material archived. So take the next day to poke around… and get ready.

Go to the info and guidelines post on the forum to learn more, and start flexing your JRR site knowledge muscles… cause you’re gonna need ’em!