MUCC pounded out an enthralling set, out-doing themselves on their own playing field, at the 2nd night of the Jrock Revolution Festival. We haven’t forgotten about them, we were saving the last for last ! This finishes up all of our Jrock Revolution interviews. Thank you for reading!

 JRR: How did you become involved with J-rock Revolution? How were you approached about performing at this festival? 

MUCC: We heard about this at Otakon last year, and so if an event like this was going to happen, we wanted to be part of it.

JRR: You already performed in the U.S. last summer. What made you decide to accept this new opportunity? Is performing in the U.S. an attractive idea?

MUCC: This was our very first time to come back to America after last year’s Otakon, and that experience made us want to come back quickly.

JRR: Do you think J-rock Revolution will differ from or be similar to your past musical experiences?

MUCC: Our set list is influenced by the country. We check which songs are released in the country we perform in. We include more singles for the oversea set lists.

JRR: Are you looking forward to seeing any of the other artists perform? If so, which ones?

MUCC: We know all the bands that are in JRR. We want to see what kind of performance they will do for the American audience.

JRR: What kind of impact do you want your performance to have?

MUCC: We want the audience to feel “I want to see MUCC again right now!” It would be great if they want to see more of us! We don’t want people to think “It was nice being able to see MUCC live.”

JRR: Do you have any other plans for your visit to the U.S.?

Tatsuro: I don’t know anything about Los Angeles… I didn’t know even Hollywood was in LA.

Miya: We went to Guitar Center and I bought a guitar. It’s a Stratocaster.

JRR: MUCC is in its tenth year together. Do you feel you have reached a milestone in your career, or that it is just a beginning?

MUCC: We are having a live series called “History of MUCC.” This is weekly event where we feature our past albums. It reminds us of our past. We are also remixing some of our past singles for a “Best” album. We look back at our 10 years and feel that nothing has changed – just more developed. We are not focusing much on our achievements. If we felt good back then, we will still feel good about it now.

JRR: If you could describe your music in three words, what would they be?

MUCC: Lets answer this question with ideas that each of us come up with right now…

Tatsuro: Fastball, Walk him, Homerun!

Satochi: Walking, Running, Flying

Miya: Honesty, Passion, Delicacy

Yukke: Steak, Salad, Sushi

JRR: How do you decide your albums’ titles? They seem very dramatic, sometimes desperate. They show many emotions.

MUCC: It comes from our feelings at the time. We sometimes pick a title after the song is made.

JRR: You often use Kanji combinations which aren’t typically used in daily life. Do you find these works from reading many books?

MUCC: We sometimes pick titles by looking at our lyrics, but we don’t know how those words would end up in our lyrics.

JRR: Do you read book from the Taisho era?

MUCC: Many people asked us about that, but we don’t read books… pretty much manga only!

JRR: What is your ultimate goal as musicians/artists?

Tatsuro: I would like to express myself freely.

Satochi: I want to play guitar and sing.

Miya: I want to keep playing for a long time.

Yukke: I began playing bass when I was in Junior High. I want to continue doing what I do and keep the excitement that I had since I started playing bass.

JRR: Message to American fans:

MUCC: We are fortunate to come to America two years in a row! We will try to come back for a tour! We are looking forward to seeing you all!