September 14, 2007, will be one year after Miyavi’s “25th Anniversary.” Jrock Revolution will be celebrating side by side with this solo artist and S.K.I.N. member! We are giving an opportunity for our fans to celebrate with us!

In our Scavenger Hunt, you have the chance to win a poster signed by Miyavi (or by any other artist of your choice)…but we want to give you an even tighter connection to this star individual in the Jrock scene.

Jrock Revolution is accepting birthday messages from our readers! We’re going to compile all the birthday well-wishes you send our way and pass it on to our beloved Festival One artist as a big congrats and thank you from all of us. And we are turning this message-gathering into a raffle! Yes… there will be prizes!

Three runners-up will receive an (unsigned) Jrock Revolution Festival 1 poster, featuring Miyavi and the rest of our awesome artists.

The top three winners will receive a full-size, 8-page promotional foldout (plus a one-page loose insert), covering artists’ tours and releases. This features Miyavi and his The Beginning of Neo Visualizm tour, and also includes artists such as Kagrra,, Kra, alice nine., LM.C., Merry, SuG (Heavy Positive Rock!), ScreW, and The GazettE!

Plus! On Miyavi’s birthday, Tainted Reality will have Hikari on as a special guest on the Tainted Reality TalkShow! Jrock Revolution will choose our favorites from your birthday messages… the most moving, the funniest, the ones that really make us smile… and we will share them live on the air!

But if you would like your message to be just between you and Miyavi, please just write "PRIVATE" in the subject line, and we will not consider it for Tainted Reality. It’s up to you! Share your story with all, or only with the man who inspired it.

To send in your birthday message:

1) Log in to our forum, or register if you are new to the site.
2) Send your message via PM (private message) to Misha, with the subject line "Miyavi" to be considered for on-air or "Miyavi PRIVATE" to be saved for Miyavi only.

You must send your message by Wednesday, September 12, at 11:59 PST.

You may write "Happy birthday!" in any language you choose. However, the rest of the message must be in either English or Japanese. This is because we will be reviewing the messages just to make sure the content’s okay. As well, you must write at least one more sentence than just "happy birthday."

When we receive your message, you will also receive a number, and we will have a random drawing of prize-winning numbers after the submission period has ended.

There is no limit to length. Should your message somehow exceed the private message max size, you may send it via multiple messages. You may not submit anything other than a written message via PM to Misha. No submissions of other media or via other means will be included. Messages via MySpace or e-mail will not be accepted.

Please indicate in your message what name you would like us to attribute your message to. You may NOT include personal contact information of any kind; any such information will be disregarded.

While we look forward to receiving lots of Miyavi love from everyone, you can all look forward to next weekend for more on Miyavi, including history, trivia, and a report from his tour from our staff member Ai, who brought back the foldouts from Club Lizard in Yokohama for all of you! Mark your calendars for Hikari’s debut on Tainted Reality… and start writing your birthday wishes!