Japan Nite is hitting up California this August, taking a small group of bands—all girls!—to San Francisco and Los Angeles for three shows! Check out the bands tagging along and be sure to hit up one of the concerts!



[Website for San Francisco]


Sat. AUG. 15th
Sun. AUG. 16th
Japan Nite Special- Girls Rock Explosion
+ Harajuku Kawaii Experience @ YOSHI’S

TsuShiMaMiRe, Red Bacteria Vacuum, Omodak and 6%DOKIDOKI GIRLS to perform! In addition to:

Consisting of four young women, noodles began their career as a band playing gigs in Yokohoma. In the first five years of their run together, they were able to release "JYURYOKU DOROBO", their debut album, and followed it up by offering up a song for a Coca-Cola commercial in Japan. After moving record labels in 1999, they have gone on to perform overseas at the CMJ Music Marathon and SXSW. They have also toured with The Pillows on their label’s Delicious Bump Tour. In 2008, they hit up MIDEM as Japan’s representative band. Now, even with the loss of a guitarist, they continue to beat out a path of success both at home and overseas.
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Japan Girls Nite is bringing Harajuku to LA!
Monday AUG. 17th
at The Roxy Theatre

Opening Acts: Lemon Drop Kick & Ajuku Girls

For ten years, this trio has been performing in Japan and overseas, noticeably present at conventions such as Anime Central and Anime Weekend Atlanta. They have played alongside Ellegarden and The Emeralds, another popular Japan Nite band, amongst many others. In 2008, they successfully completed a U.S. tour, playing several shows with Peelander Z and quaff as they hit up a number of states on both ends of the country. This year—the same year as the Powerpuff Girls, they noted—TsuShiMaMiRe celebrates their 10th anniversary.
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Red Bacteria Vacuum
Female loud punk band from Osaka.
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What Omodaka offers is not quite what a band offers with music. Instead, it is a project that mixes music and images in a manner that is vastly different than your traditional music video. In 2007, their kokiriko bushi video received over 700,000 views and is said to be capable of vastly changing how viewers see music videos. [Website]


6%DOKIDOKI is a kawaii store aiming for extraordinarily and shokingly cute. It’s in Harajuku, centre of Japanese pop culture and street fashion. There are many reasons that make the store stand out from others but most impressive one would be 6% DOKI DOKI Shop Girls. They dress so unique and so Harajuku! They are the people who really enjoy fashion. The famous shop girls is coming to perform with OMODAKA.

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