MUCCJRR: Hello, thank you for interviewing with Jrock Revolution. How are you feeling today?

ALL: Good. Very excited.

JRR: Since you’ve already been interviewed a lot, we’d like to have a little chat with you instead. What Japanese food do you miss eating the most?

SATOCHI: Purin! (custard pudding)

YUKKE: Tsukemono (picked vegetable).

MIYA: Nothing in particular.

TATSUROU: Japanese custard pudding. I just can’t seem to find it here.

JRR: We’re very excited about your new album, SHION. Why did you decide to release it in Japan while you are here touring?

MIYA: Actually we got the offer to participate in RTOC after we decided on the release date of the new album.

JRR: The lyrics booklet for SHION has beautiful English translations for all the songs. Why did you decide to provide translations?

MIYA: It was the maker’s suggestion; since we are expanding out to the world, they suggested that we put English translations on the album [so more people can understand the meanings].

JRR: The opening song on the album SUI-ON is a striking track with the sound of water; how did you come up with the idea?

MIYA: We wanted to merge the sound of the water drops with the rhythm to create a unique effect.

JRR: What does the album title mean?

MIYA: It’s the name of a flower (aster).

JRR: You have been performing songs from your new album SHION. What have been your favorite songs to perform on tour?

TATSUROU: After understanding and synchronizing with the reactions of the local audience here, I find FUZZ the most fun to perform.

MIYA: I don’t have a favorite.

SATOCHI: LIBRA. Once the lighting technician started to familiarize with our songs, he made it so that the dramatic lighting helped to accentuate the song and it feels good to perform.

YUKKE: The song SHION is quite different from all the songs we’ve had, and when we perform it I feel that my own performance is different from usual, too, so it is quite fun to perform.

JRR: One track from the album that you probably wouldn’t be performing at concerts like this but a beautiful track that really stands out is CHIISANA MADO (small window). Could you tell us how you wrote this song?

YUKKE: This was the first song that I wrote using a guitar; I really like the atmosphere and the feel of the melody. It came quite naturally to me. Once I wrote it I showed it to the others and got a lot of ideas from them, and I think it’s great that we were able to make it into something so powerful.

JRR: What’s the first thing you would like to do when you get back to Japan?

MIYA: Play with my dog.

TATSUROU: I want to ride my bike. It feels good.

YUKKE: I want to ride the train.

(Group laughter)

SATOCHI: I want to run inside the park during the day time and ride the wind. (laughs)

JRR: On your off day tomorrow, do you have any plans?

TATSUROU: So far we haven’t planned on anything. It seems like there’s nothing much around where we’re going. We’ll be staying at a hotel so maybe I’ll work out at the gym. Also, there are shopping malls everywhere we’ve went in America, so if there’s one close by I’ll go there.

JRR: What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen at a shopping mall here?

TATSUROU: The Mall of America located in Minneapolis had a roller coaster in it.

YUKKE: It was more like a theme park. It was weird to have such things inside a mall.

JRR: When you get back to Japan, what will you tell the other bands who would like to come to America?

TATSUROU: I’m not sure exactly… depends on the band. Probably that they have to catch their own chance.

JRR: (Pointing to YUKKE’s yellow t-shirt which says “FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION”) Why did you choose to wear this shirt, and do you know what it means?

YUKKE: I don’t quite understand what it means, but I get asked that a lot by people who pass me by. I just know that something… to do with option. I just say yes when they ask me “It’s not an option?”

(Translator explains the meaning to YUKKE)

JRR: Would you call that a proverb?

YUKKE: Maybe it’s a quote from Napoleon?

(Note: quote is from Gene Kranz from APOLLO 13 and Arnold Schwarzenegger)

JRR: It’s very fitting for a tour experience because it means no matter what, you’ll keep on going.


JRR: Could each of you give us an English word you’ve learned while on tour?

TATSUROU: Right before every show, before I go on stage, the stage manager would remind me of the location and I’d say, for example, if this was Phoenix, I’d say “Phoenix! What’s up motherfxxkers!!”

(Group laughter)

JRR: You should say it today, too!

TATSUROU: Really? If someone throws something to the stage you’ll block it right?

(Group laughter)

MIYA: [The English phrase I’ve learned is] Very kind. Fxxking awesome.

TATSUROU: Fxxking amazing.

MIYA: Very huge. So far. Very near.

YUKKE: Hoochie mama.

(Group laughter)

JRR: Why?!?

YUKKE: Someone called me that, because once I had to dress up like a girl for a photo shoot [for a magazine] and walk around in the venue.

SATOCHI: No titties no life.

(Group laughter)

Interview by Misha
Interpreted by Yaz Noya
Translated and Transcribed by Christina
Edited by Krystal
Special Thanks to MUCC, Rockstar Taste of Chaos, and Maverick DC Group