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For Tokyo Girls Collection
And Asia Girl Explosion Presented by Yoshiki

On March 6th, renowned musician YOSHIKI along with JayFR will be presenting Asia Girl’s Explosion. International fans are invited to purchase tickets and travel packages in order to attend this illustrious event that will showcase Fashion x Art, including meet and greets with some very important people!

A limited number of tickets will also be available for the Tokyo Girl’s Collection on March 5th.

Details will be revealed soon, but in the meantime…

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Asia Girl’s Explosion Press Conference

A whole new event collaborated between the worldly known music producer, “Yoshiki” x Tokyo Girls Collection producer JayFR.

Asia Girls Explosion is a Japan’s biggest fashion event show aimed toward overseas.

Profile: JayFR

A producer of Tokyo Girls Collection (TGC), who leads the head of the TGC committee. This time, JayFR will lead a creative force as a visual director to create the most spectacular show. By sending out a strong message of Runway of the Japan’s anger and sorrow through TGC, the new fashion phenomenon has shocked the Pari Collection and the Milano Collection.

TGC became also famous for the theme of Fashion x Art , with a collaboration with Japan’s worldly renowned artist, Murakami Takashi. JayFR has produced many fashion events including Kobe Collection (#1-#9th collection), Osaka Import Collection , Kitson Night and brought more than 400,000 attendants total in all. TGC now is been broadcasted in more than 170 countries via television networks and Internet media to more than 50 million viewers through out the world. JayFR has succeeded in turning the Tokyo fashion into a worldwide event entertainment. This time, by matching up with Yoshiki, Asia Girls Explosion has attracted many attentions and generated buzz among the market prior to the actual event.

Profile: YOSHIKI

Learned to play classic piano starting at four years of age, took up the drums at ten after composing music and getting involved with several bands, he brought together the band, X (later, X JAPAN) when he was 16 years old. Not only did he combine the elements of anomalous and original visuals as well as an intense yet beautiful melody, which had not existed previously, but he had also created what would eventually be known as “Visual Style”, a new genre that would become a worldwide social phenomenon.

X JAPAN, after performing countless legendary feats and setting many records, had disbanded in 1997. However, in November 1999, YOSHIKI had composed the song “Anniversary”, commemorating 10 years since the emperor’s ascension to the throne and performed a piano concerto for the emperor 15,000 guests. With this as the catalyst, musical activity had been launched once again.

In 2000, he had received a commendation from the Minister of Education as an “Individual who has contributed to Japanese society and culture” song for the World Expo 2005 which was held in Aichi Japan at the behest of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and performs as the conductor for the “Super World Orchestra” consisting of 108 concert masters from around the world.

Then, in 2007, X JAPAN’s “I.V.” was decided upon to be used as the worldwide theme song for the Hollywood movie “Saw4”. Along with the long sought world debut came the miraculous revival X JAPAN in the form of three concert dates in March 2008 at the Tokyo Dome (150,000 tickets which were made available through YOSHIKI’s official site were sold out only moments after they went on line).

And with the revival of X JAPAN, YOSHIKI has started his multi-faceted full scale expansion to a global stage. With motion pictures, he has taken on the task of composing the main themes to “Catacomb” (U.S.A.), “REPO!” (U.S.A.), GOEMON (Japan), continuing to display his unsurpassed talent.

Also, in January 2009, X JAPAN held their first overseas concert in Hong Kong to a great success (20,000 attendees), and in Japan, performed their second post revival performance at Tokyo Dome in May with two concert dates. At the end of that month, their second overseas concert was performed in Taiwan, drawing an unheard of crowd consisting of 25,000 attendees, attracting attention from all across Asia.

In 2010, YOSHIKI relocated his base of operation to the United States, starting with an open set filming of a music video atop the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles. With a total production cost of more than 5 Million US dollar, 8,000 people had gathered for this large scale event. In August, by becoming the first ever Japanese artist to have played on the main stage at one of America’s largest rock festivals, “Lollapalooza”, X JAPAN had truly grasped a foothold in the American scene.

Also, a fan meeting (8,000 attendees) had taken place in France (Paris) and in Japan, the group had achieved a new record of 140,000 attendees in two days at the Nissan Stadium in Yokohama.

In addition, from September until October, they had performed in 7 cities to 20,000 people during their first north American tour, a segment of their world tour. Following this tour, concert offers started to pour in from promoters around the world. As a response to these offers, a second north American tour is planned for 2011 as well as a south American and European tour.

Additionally, in January 2011, a three-year contract for distribution was signed with EMI North America and March will see the release of “JADE”, the first single for the north American market.

Other than musical activities, the “YOSHIKI Foundation” has been established in the United States and Japan (approved 501C/charitable organization), efforts are being made in charity activities and musical therapy, collaborations with the world famous character Hello Kitty in the form of “Yoshikitty”, wine production with the Michael Mondavi Family producing “Y by YOSHIKI” (this wine, although in its first year, has achieved 88 points on the Parker’s 100-point rating system).

Additionally, while YOSHIKI produces the aggressively eccentric “YOSHIKI Jewelry” in collaboration with a major jewelry manufacturer, Mitsui Sumitomo VISA Card offers the “YOSHIKI VISA CARD”, showing a wide range of activity and influence.

Moreover, recently in New York, a partnership has been formed with Stan Lee (Spider-Man, X-Men, Iron Man), former president and chairman of Marvel Comics to create a motion comic with YOSHIKI as the subject, making his mark overseas.

X JAPAN has recorded the sales of over 30 million albums, singles and DVDs. Concerts include 18 successful performances at Tokyo Dome, totaling in over one million attendees at this venue alone.

Also, the group “VIOLET UK” (a project which combines fashion and music), which could be described as the second X JAPAN, created in the early 90s and based in Los Angeles, focusing on the world market, is being promoted simultaneously.

YOSHIKI is also a voting member for the Grammy Awards and is a rock artist at the center of global attention.