November 1, 2013 – Japanese screamo rock band DAZZLE VISION released 3 early classic albums on Spotify this month, including their re-mastered debut EP ORIGIN OF DAZZLE. Fans can also stream the band’s first full-length albums Camellia Japonica and Crystal Children and share music links via Facebook and Twitter.

Known for head-banging live shows and female vocalist Maiko’s signature death-voice growls, DAZZLE VISION has performed twice in America, most recently at Pittsburgh’s Tekkoshocon and Hard Rock Cafe, followed by a CD release of the show entitled LIVE in Pittsburgh. DAZZLE VISION was also selected as the opening act for EVANESCENCE’s recent tour of Japan.


Links and Videos
DAZZLE VISION Website: http://dazzlevision.net
DAZZLE VISION Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/dazzlevision2010
DAZZLE VISION Official Goods: http://jrockshop.com

Here (PV) – http://youtu.be/N3XuFmmD9BI
Camellia (PV) – http://youtu.be/qwkczertbVM
Kuuhaku (live) – http://youtu.be/01s9QTH0f-A

VOCAL: Maiko
BASS: Takuro

Popular in the Japanese metal scene for their hard rock sound and Maiko’s alternating melodic/death-voice vocals, Dazzle Vision was formed in June 2003.

DAZZLE VISION released their first album Origin of Dazzle in November of 2006. Their second album Camellia Japonica was released in April 2007, followed by an 11-city tour of Japan. After selling out of the first presses of Origin of Dazzle andCamellia Japonica, their 3rd album Crystal Children hit #1 on HMV’s pre-sale chart and #2 on Tower Records pre-sale chart prior to its official release in November 2008.

In April 2010, Dazzle Vision performed live for 4,000 American fans at Sakura-Con 2010.

DAZZLE VISION’s 4th album, to the next, placed 2nd place on HMV Indies Chart, and 26th place on Amazon’s New Music Chart. In 2011, their 5th album Kirariachieved 1st place on HMV Indies Chart, 9th place on Tower Record Indies Chart, and 16th place on Amazon’s New Music Chart. The same year, DAZZLE VISION became the first screamo band to perform an in-store live at Shibuya’s Tower Records. In June 2011, DAZZLE VISION was a featured interview in Japan’s famous music magazine BURRN!

In February 2012, DAZZLE VISION was chosen as the opening act for American rock band Evanescence in Tokyo and Nagoya. DAZZLE VISION’s new albumShocking Loud Voice was released in May, 2012, followed by the EP EVOLUTIONin November, 2012. DAZZLE VISION returned to America for a live performance at Tekkoshocon 2013 in Pittsburgh, PA, followed by a special encore show at Pittsburgh’s Hard Rock Cafe. The Pittsburgh concert was released as the band’s first live CD LIVE in Pittsburgh in 2013.