March 4th Updates!

General info on ticket/t-shirt and ticket only pickup!

  • Ticket will call will be open from 3:30pm.
  • “International Ticket Will Call tent” will be located near front entrance of Yoyogi Daiichi Taiiku Kan.

Remember to bring your passport or photo ID in order to pick up your option! Information will also be emailed to all purchasers, so keep an eye on your email too.

Feb. 25th Updates!

■First-ever Japanese performance with Violet UK and X JAPAN. It will be an extravaganza.

「ASIA GIRLS EXPLOSION 」 is a new live fashion music event that will showcase Japanese fashion and music culture to Asia and the world.

Fashion is a stand-alone segment of culture that captures the symbolism of an era, and the new stage performance will EXPLODE video and music together.

Japan’s top creators have come together, not to showcase individual brands on stage, but to work with Japan’s top-class stylists to display the domestic street fashions and real clothes with an aquarium theme.

The show’s music is being arranged by Japan’s world-famous music producer, Yoshiki, who has personally booked overseas artists from his base of operations in the U.S. and his solo project “Violet UK” is expected to perform onstage for the first time in Japan.

The event’s overall planning, script and video are being supervised by the unconventional fashion producer that took the Tokyo Girls’ Collection worldwide, Jayf.R. With collection models from all over the world both at home and abroad, the show is estimated at 2 hours in length. Come enjoy the renowned genius producers the world’s fashionistas praise!

X JAPAN’s live performance will feature “Jade”, set to debut on the U.S. single charts March 15th, The theme from the Kozo Morishita motion picture, “Tezuka Osamu no Buddha Akai Sabakuyo! Utsukushiku” to be released nationwide May 28th,“Scarlet Love Song”. In addition, from the world of heavy rock, the charismatic Marilyn Manson and socialites celebrity, fashion icon and women’s’ idol Olivia Palermo will be appearing as models.

Tokyo’s fashionable Minami-ku area became even more fashionable on Tuesday night, when internationally acclaimed music sensation Yoshiki and cutting-edge fashion designer JayFR launched their new collaborative effort, Asia Girls Explosion, at a press conference in Hinode.

The collaborative collection will feature both Asian and international models, and focuses on combining a Japanese aesthetic with progressive western design paradigms to produce a new and unique line of trendy but wearable pieces — infused, of course, with a healthy dose of rock n’ roll style. “You can’t have music without fashion, and you can’t have fashion without music,” Yoshiki explained. “They can’t exist without each other. I come from Visual Kei roots, and in that music style, fashion is a very important element.”

In fact, Yoshiki’s roots in Japanese fashion run even deeper than Visual Kei — his parents owned a kimono shop, and growing up, he was naturally expected to take up the family business. He became interested in working with JayFR after a mutual friend introduced them a few years ago. “We started discussing the idea of working together while drinking,” said Jay.

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Photos by: Erin Carroll

“At first it was kind of a joke, but then I started thinking, ‘You know, we could really do this. We could really create something new together,'” Yoshiki added. The idea itself was sparked by the Tokyo Girls Collection — a prelude to the Asia Fashion Festival — but JayFR and Yoshiki hope that Asia Girls Explosion will help to “broaden the horizons of fashion” while still maintaining “a sense of real Asian fashion.”

According to the two masterminds of the project, the Asia Girls Explosion fashion expos will include “a little bit of theatrical presentation;” the press conference was preceded by an artistic performance by a silk acrobat who awed the audience with a unique and graceful performance. According to Yoshiki, the expo will also have a surprise guest or two. The collection will be geared towards garnering interest in Asian fashion on an international level, and fans around the world can expect a real treat as these two leading innovators in their respective fields team up and go global with their collective creativity.

The ticket and t-shirt combo option as well as the ticket option have been SOLD OUT! Coming soon, you may purchase the t-shirt, plus shipping and handling for the item. Keep an eye on the site!