Miya of MUCC answered a joint interview by and about their activities, the past and the present. Please enjoy.

As of 2013, MUCC will have been together for 15 years. Such a milestone is significant for any band. To what do you attribute the success of your longevity?

Miya: Well-balanced relationship!

In what ways have the differences in your personalities helped achieve a strong bond as a band? What common goals other than making music has helped your art persevere?

Miya: Live show is everything.

Visually, MUCC is very fashionable. How do you decide on themes for photo shoots, such as the skeleton attire of recent photos, or the paint splashed clothes of another? Is there a visual theme you prefer to adhere to?

Miya: It depends on an image of songs.

Unlike many bands, MUCC has been able to successfully tour and perform internationally for many years. What have been your motivating factors for continuing to reach out to your international fans?

Miya: Fans.  When we went overseas for the first time to have a show there, many fans had been waiting for us and it really moved us.

Another one of your songs was a theme for an anime recently. What other outlets would you like to see your music part of? (i.e., video games, movie soundtracks, etc.)

Miya: Movie (if the image of the movie fits with our songs)

Social media has been a vital component of connecting with international fans and MUCC has been active in areas such as Twitter. What are some of the benefits you feel you get as an artist and a band in embracing social media?

Miya: You can get information easily.

What is your favorite season? Where in the world best represents that season to you that you would like to visit?

Miya: It would be Japan, the country of four seasons!

Your new single HALO, will release on September 25, arranged by Tanaka Yoshito, what was your main focus or theme with this release?

Miya: It was a “simple guitar rock.”

Tell us about the remix of MOTHER, and KYORANKYOSHO – is there a feeling that you wanted to express in the remix that wasn’t portrayed in the original?

Miya: My favorite artist did the remix of “MOTHER”.

“Kyorankyosho” was chosen as a theme song of the movie, so I tried to make it reverberate through movie theaters.

Shortly following the release of HALO you’ll also begin your “Hypnos & Thanatos” live tour, what do you hope your fans will take away from experiencing your live performances?

Miya: It would be great if our fans can feel the two faces of MUCC.

Hypnos & Thanatos – What is the significance in naming the tour after two figures in Greek Mythology; the personifications of Sleep and Death?

Miya: Stillness and movement.

Recently, two people were granted “The Right to Join MUCC” – what was the experience like, welcoming and working with two new band members?

Miya: It was fun.

Though it’s only been a short time, DEAN and hancho have said their goodbyes. Will you be considering welcoming new band members again in the future?

Miya: Sure, if it’s interesting.

Special thanks to Miya and MUCC for taking time for us. Thanks to the Visual Keios team for their contribution of questions as well!

Edited by: Ali W.