You have released your PV – 柘榴 ZAKURO, was there anything special you had in mind for the PV while filming, and likewise for the song, was there any particular mood you had in mind for this song?

LEONEIL:Umm… that’s right, there are concepts particular to each song. It definitely has a gothic sentiment, and for me, it is part of my world-view.

YUTO:While filming this video, we couldn’t all have a good discussion. The director, staff, and dozens of other people, we were swallowed up by his incubus. While we’re recording and on stage, he becomes a different person, as if possessed. I like the thrill of watching him change personas.


VANIRU has recently debuted in May [2013], what lead you to this point? How did you first become interested in music?

LEONEIL:We have not debuted. Yet.  Simply, as an indie band, we’ve only just appeared.

YUTO:I started music… I mean Leonil’s interest led me to this point. In May we [would have gone] to Germany, for our sake(s), and will start activities vigorously from July. We have only started! Therefore we are going to do what we want. We can do this for now because we are an indie band. So far, we haven’t had to follow someone else’s opinion, like from the business side, so we’ve had a lot of freedom.


It has been announced, you will release the Cosmic Night as single CD on 4th December! It’s number is limited, and that only one of the indie era?

LEONEIL:Yes, we will. This song carries the meaning of “we’ve landed!” so it is a special song for us.

YUTO:Our first one.


It is unique to see a duo of vocal and guitar. How did you become a duo?

LEONEIL: To play in a band, ‘there needs to be 4 or 5 people, and we’ll need a bassist, and someone to play drums,’ was something I never considered. I guess it was a little absurd (laughs). Of course, musicianship is important, but for me, with whom is even more… Beside them, I can bore into my deep feelings.

YUTO:Interrelationships between people, for us it’s the most important. Because it gives us the best mood, that’s why we do it. We hope to live happily through music! Right?

LEONEIL:Yeah. Naturally, staff is included. Everyone shares the same conviction, and we all move toward the same purpose, so all these relationships have a positive base.


It is rare, recently, to hear such unique vocals. Leoneil, are there any particular influences you have when it comes to your own vocals and is there any particular routine you have for taking care of them?

LEONEIL:For my voice, I think it’s like an athlete’s muscle. And, if I were influenced at the start by anyone, I think it was subconscious. Through my own history and who I am, my nature, I think it was a result of that. Although it does not always come directly, I can have a perverse nature (smile).


Yuto, playing guitar, when writing songs do you work from a melody into a progression or do you have a particular way you approach playing the guitar when coming up with a new song?

YUTO:It varies. There are times I start by humming, [playing] keyboards, or guitar. I always think of Leonil. When I say this one-sided, you’ll think I’m strange (laugh). Only when I’m writing songs, I think of him!


VANIRU has toured overseas recently; this is very impressive for an upcoming band. Is there a particular reason you decided to debut internationally so early?  How did the topic of international tours come about?

YUTO:Originally, we are unsigned, so I wasn’t especially enthusiastic. Honestly, at first I didn’t have a special reason. Thinking of it now, we might have chosen overseas so we can have freedom. It was a liberating feeling.

LEONEIL:I think it is common for young people to be impulsive. I didn’t want to be a “common result”, though. I wanted to be sure of myself. “Who am I?”, “Living?” “Existing?”, something like that.


When writing songs, is there a certain process you use?

YUTO:First, I receive Leonil’s framework of a song. Things like themes, concepts, or melodies. From there, I have various aims and try to fit with that framework. All of his creativity, his home, I start from there.


The name VANIRU seems to be a play on the name Vanir from Norse mythology, a group with wisdom and ability to see into the future. Does this play into your songs at all?

YUTO:If you interpret the existence of myths, I feel like the meaning is tie to his reason for living. You know, the world view of our songs, and the lyrics, they are a part of Leo’s world.

LEONEIL:Although, I’m not sure if in our songs we are drawing the past, or moving towards the future. I love [to] play [with concepts] (smile). Saying that, VANIRU is definitely living on the borderline.


What does the name VANIRU mean to you? What do you want it to mean to fans?

YUTO:To me it’s a mystical experience, not far from a fascinating chaotic world. Anyway, we’re free, connected to each other from a blend of places.

LEONEIL:I like the word ‘unearthly.’ This life could be real or not, exactly like that. A place without lies for my heart. Where everyone can let themselves be seduced.


Please describe your band mate in three words.

YUTO:This is a difficult question; I need a little time please. (10 min later…) Okay, first ‘dragon,’ he’s like a dragon. In Europe, dragons are like demons, but in Asia it’s a type of god. Next is ‘bottom;’ he doesn’t have one. He has a depth that no one can reach. The last word is ‘sea,’ he can be tumultuous but also have moments of calm. There cannot be life without the sea.

LEONEIL:So… ‘warrior,’ ‘grass,’ ‘chameleon.’

YUTO:What? What’s that supposed to mean?  (laughs)


YUTO:That’s crooked. Always like that. I gave a serious answer… Grass. (hearty laugh) Okay, I see, can you at least tell me what type of grass?

LEONEIL:Haha.. (smile)


Is there a particular philosophy you have for making music and living life?

LEONEIL:Reason for being. How to capture that phenomenon, I’m interested in that… Probably until I die, I think that’s the continuing theme.


Are there anymore plans to tour internationally, if so, do you have a message for your overseas fans?

YUTO:There are a lot of countries we want to go to, to visit regularly, but and have a phantom appearance in. We want to be able to say “Hellooooooo!! How’s it going?” to everyone. We can’t wait!!

LEONEIL:We think in the long-term, we want to make a base in each place. Really, we can go wherever and whenever we want. I have a feeling of returning, and also that of being a man.

YUTO:The two of us always talk, if there are no racial lines, no country borders, and no music genres in the world? It might be impossible, but I believe that one-by-one it can change. See you very soon, and someone please teach me communication in English on my Twitter!!