Visual Kei band heidi. has accomplished much within a six year time span. They had their first one-man live in Spring of 2006 with their first album ‘Kasou’ released in 2007. Four albums and a number of singles followed and soon enough, they had their film debut with “Maebashi Visual Kei”. They made their debut U.S. performance at AM2 in 2010 and are returning for the Southeast’s largest convention, Anime Weekend Atlanta, in a live performance on September 29th. Those who have waited for the return of Japanese rock music in the United States will see it first this Fall with heidi.

heidi. is Yoshihiko (vocals), Nao (guitar), Kohsuke (bass) and Kiri (drums). Their latest album, ‘Alpha’, was released on September 19th, 2012. For more information, check out Anime Weekend Atlanta’s site

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