Rock supergroup THE LAST ROCKSTARS delivered an explosive sold-out show for
thousands of fans at their February 10 concert at Hollywood Palladium.
Fans camped out overnight for the chance to get close to the four Japanese mega-stars
– YOSHIKI (drums and piano), HYDE (vocals), SUGIZO (guitar and violin), and MIYAVI
(guitar) – in their first west coast performance.

The concert, which was the final stop of the band’s “THE LAST ROCKSTARS Live
Debut 2023 Tokyo – New York – Los Angeles” tour followed several sold-out shows in
Tokyo and New York City.

The tour, which started last month at Ariake Arena and Tokyo Garden Theater in Japan,
continued in the U.S. with shows selling out immediately in New York and Los Angeles,
with a new show added in New York due to high demand.

The band’s three stops in America saw them perform for 10,000 U.S. fans plus over
15,000 more who watched global livestreams of the Hollywood event through Veeps
and Live Viewing Japan in over 100 movie theaters and over 50 countries worldwide.

Following last December’s release of their first single, “The Last Rockstars (Paris Mix)”,
the band performed a high-energy combination of original material and previous hits –
including new songs “Psycho Love” and “Shine” and favorites like X Japan’s “Born to Be Free”
– along with jaw-dropping instrumental solos from each of the virtuoso performers.

WATCH: “The Last Rockstars (Paris Mix)”

Band leader YOSHIKI – who has lived in Los Angeles for over 20 years – connected
directly with the capacity crowd gathered at the Palladium. “L.A. is my home, but I
hardly ever play here… but we’re going to rock you tonight!” he promised, bringing a
cheer from the fans that echoed through the historic venue.

Along with dazzling pyrotechnics, special effects, laser lights, smoke, and large-scale
visual projections, the concert climaxed as fans sang along with “Shine”, holding their
phones in the air and filling the hall with the song’s emotional chorus.

WATCH: The Last Rockstars “Shine” in NYC

YOSHIKI said, “I felt so emotional hearing our fans sing our new songs with us. This
band – THE LAST ROCKSTARS – is just getting started. We’re coming back to rock
even harder next time.”

2. 6 or 9
3. Messiah *new song
4. Here’s the Love *New song
5. Beneath the Skin
– SUGIZO x MIYAVI Guitar Battle
– Violin solo
6. Folly *new song
-MIYAVI Acoustic Guitar Solo
7. Hallelujah *new song
– YOSHIKI Drum Solo
– YOSHIKI Piano Solo
10. Up and Down *new song
11. Bang!
12. Red Swan
13. PSYCHO LOVE *new song
– Encore –
14. Shine *new song
15. THE LAST ROCKSTARS *new song

“THE LAST ROCKSTARS – LIVE DEBUT 2023 Tokyo – New York – Los Angeles”
January 26 – Tokyo / Ariake Arena
January 27 – Tokyo / Ariake Arena
January 29 – Tokyo / Tokyo Garden Theater
January 30 – Tokyo / Tokyo Garden Theater
February 3 – New York / Hammerstein Ballroom
February 4 – New York / Hammerstein Ballroom
February 10 – Los Angeles / Hollywood Palladium

THE LAST ROCKSTARS is comprised of four living legends who have each made their
mark on Japan’s rock history.

YOSHIKI – classical pianist, composer, rock drummer, leader of X JAPAN
HYDE – solo artist, vocalist of L’Arc~en~Ciel and VAMPS
SUGIZO – composer, guitarist, and violinist of LUNA SEA and X JAPAN
MIYAVI – “samurai guitarist”, singer-songwriter

The band's first single “The Last Rockstars (Paris Mix)” was released on December 23,
2022, through Melodee Music. The single is distributed globally by Melodee
Music/Ingrooves Music Group. Ingrooves is part of Virgin Music Group, the newly
formed global independent music division of Universal Music Group.

Their live debut world tour in 2023 included sold-out concerts in Tokyo, New York, and
Los Angeles.