Guess the Jrock Artist Level 3 is up!

And today we announce our extremely rare prizes for this video contest featuring clips from our first festival. Read on to find out what we have for you!


For four runners-up:

S.K.I.N. shirt Concert merchandise from their debut at Anime Expo

MUCC mini tour document book IKONSEISOU 2004 with rehearsal and performance photos from their tour in april 2004

alice nine. FC magazine from club ALICE… volume 1!

Miyavi FC magazine miyavibon… volume 2!

And don’t forget the…


JRR Festival One Poster signed by your choice of: MUCC, girugamesh, Kagrra,, Merry, DuelJewel, alice nine., Despairs’Ray, Vidoll

To qualify for the prize round, survive Levels 1-3 of Guess the Jrock Artist! Click here for the videos and a link to the info and guidelines.