Cure Rock Radio is located in San Francisco, CA. Mission: Spread Visual Kei and JROCK across the world with 24/7 Streaming Radio for Free!

With our new move to the Japan Center Mall in San Francisco, Cure Radio has finally reached a decent live radio host set schedule…….

Tuesday to Saturday 12:00pm PST to 8:00pm PST
Tuesday 7:00pm to 8:00pm PST JROCK Talk with Shion, Saimon & Yumi
Sunday: 1:00pm to 6:00pm PST

Feel free to hit our radio host up with request during the live radio host hours by logging into your Instant messengers at

Tune into Cure Rock Streaming Radio anytime by visiting our official homepage at:

Take Cure Rock Streaming Radio with you on your I-Phones, Black Berry, & Window Media device mobile phones! Just click the stream mobile link on our homepage at

Unfortunately there are some down times with streaming radio when we have to do updates or reboots. While our LIVE is down, please feel free to launch our "On Demand" Radio. There you can hear Pre-Recorded shows, Voice letters from artists, and pick from a library of songs to play on your own!

Cure is bringing a world of 24/7 Pure JROCK to you!