We’re making progress~

So, we’ve changed things around a bit.

The first thing you might notice is that the polls changed. I’ll say this once, I’ll say it again, and it’s in the FAQ if you don’t believe me: there isn’t a "winner". The polls were for data collection only. Also, by the end of the polls, the numbers (especially in the international poll) were so bloated they aren’t really reliable anymore. JRR was quite shocked by the number of international voters, and we appreciate everyone (in both polls) taking their time to vote. So, thank you!

A new article went up, this one about Jrock and anime conventions. I know many of you used to be/are anime fans, so I hope you’ll enjoy that article.

Third, we put up our Mailing List banner again. JRR will be doing another contest drawing soon, we’ll keep you updated.

Our server is still unstable, so unfortunately we’re going to have to push the forum back more. Our apologies!