Creating music since 2005, akai SKY has released their second EPHeart, Attack!’ on March 27, 2013. Reviewing this album was almost a walk in the park simply because the EP is so well put together. It flows with fluidity from the first track to the fourth and last.

The track ‘Break Down!’ starts the EP with amazingly high energy that is sure to be a fan favorite at live shows due to the power of Ryuusei’s striking vocals and the rock driven guitar progressions.

‘To the Sea’, however, was my personal favorite on the EP because within the first few melodic ballad undertones, it rang similar to an Eikichi Yazawa song. It definitely gives off a nostalgic summer feeling and it is a song I will most definitely come back to again and again.

The EP ends on a peaceful note with ‘Mugen’. ‘Mugen’ begins with nice acoustics that transition into electric guitars that are wonderfully melodic. The beat will definitely get fans on their feet at shows and I can easily see this being a show opener or closer because of the infectious beat.

All in all, I enjoyed the ‘Heart, Attack!’ EP and sincerely encourage anyone looking for something new and refreshing to pick this EP up.

akai SKY consists of:



Umi- bass

Jinra- drums


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