yoshikitty has been selected to compete against Hello Kitty in Sanrio’s global voting
competition for the ninth straight year. yoshikitty is the first Sanrio character to be
modeled after a real person, YOSHIKI – leader of the rock bands X JAPAN and THE

Voting runs from April 11 at 11:00am JST through May 26 at 5:00pm JST. Fans can
support their favorite character by voting every day from all their devices and through
purchases at Sanrio stores in Japan.

yoshikitty has been nominated in the Sanrio Character Ranking every year since 2015
and was voted more popular worldwide than Hello Kitty in 2018 among over 450
different characters. In regional voting, yoshikitty has been ranked #1 in Brazil, China,
France, Germany, and Thailand.

YOSHIKI said, “I’m so moved by how strongly yoshikitty has been embraced by fans all
over the world. I hope yoshikitty can keep inspiring others.”

Hello Kitty designer Yuko Yamaguchi – who also designed yoshikitty – explains the true story of yoshikitty’s origin in a new YouTube video from the Blu-ray release of We Are X,
the award-winning documentary film about YOSHIKI and his band X Japan.

WATCH: Hello Kitty Designer Yuko Yamaguchi Reveals the True Story of yoshikitty

WATCH: yoshikitty at Evening/Breakfast with YOSHIKI 2023

YOSHIKI will visit Sanrio Puroland with yoshikitty on April 11 at 9:00pm JST for a special broadcast of Yoshiki Channel, which can be viewed worldwide on YouTube:

Sanrio is the world’s largest entertainment company focusing exclusively on “kawaii”
(cute) merchandise from Japanese popular culture. With over 450 popular characters,
Sanrio’s global media and retail network includes theme parks, stores, television, film, and mobile games.
38th Annual Sanrio Character Ranking
Voting period: April 11 (Tue.) to May 26 (Fri.)
*Start: 11:00 on April 11 (Tue.)
*End: 17:00 on May 26 (Fri.)
*1st Day results (1st to 10th place): April 13 (Thu.) 13:00
*“Sanrio+” member-only announcement (1st to 20th place): April 28 (Fri.) appx. 12:00
*Interim announcement (1st to 20th place): May 11 (Thu.) 13:00
*Results announcement (1st to 90th place) June 11 (Sun.) TBD
All times JST; subject to change.

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