One of our favorite drummers has been quite active recently. Did you get to catch him at Anime Central or Fanime Con recently? How about some highlights of those epic appearances?

Anime Central

As most fans already know, Yoshiki will host a radio show on SiriusXM. At Anime Central, he debuted a bit of that show with special guests including an h.NAOTO fashion designer, Michael Sinterniklaas and Stephanie Shea. He also had a round of questions and answers with the lucky fans in attendance!

At his panel, he displayed some of his work, footage from Asia Girl’s Explosion as well as for the Yoshiki Foundation of America. Fans were invited to ask questions and many did so, touching on subjects such as his future work and activities as well as the possibility of S.K.I.N. in the future.

Unfortunately, Yoshiki had also injured his right arm, yet he gallantly persevered and signed autographs with his left hand for sixty lucky fans!

As a special treat, Yoshiki Tweeted that he ‘would invite 2 fans to dinner’ for whoever screamed “We are X!” the loudest. Half an hour after, fans started screaming, louder and louder at the entrance of the hotel. Management picked out the two loudest contestants for dinner with Yoshiki! Check out their pic here!

Fanime Con

Yoshiki flew in for the convention for a panel and autographs. 300 patient fans awaited his arrival!

Following the informational panel, he decided to Tweet again – scream the loudest “We are X!” for a chance of dinner with Yoshiki! Of the screaming fans, two girls were picked out and they each sat next to Yoshiki for dinner.

What else has Yoshiki in store for the future? Keep an eye out and watch for other cool opportunities, too!